Monday, 25 May 2009

A cat with no ears arrives.

Three adult cats were admitted today, one more kitten rehomed(thanks to this blog) so I am hoping against hope that someone will want the last one,I would hate to see it on its own in the pen and Rwth is collecting her two on wednesday.
Two of the cats admitted today are Toby and Twinkle(pictured here)6 years old siblings whose owners new partner is allergic to cats.Toby has no ears because they were amputated when his ears became badly sunburned . This was done as a preventative measure against possible cancer.They are lovely friendly cats and I hope we will soon find them a permanent home where they can remain together.The other cat is a very pretty stray tabby/tortoishell about 10 months old which I decided needed to come in.had she been left she would have soon become pregnant and then there would be another litter of kittens to home.Better to take her now to avoid this occurring.We are becoming streched now for space unless we home some more soon.I am also running out of ideas for names and I hate to resort to Blackie, snowy, patch etc.Maybe Ill start again with the poets/authors as I did a few years ago - Shelley, Bronte, Byron!How difficult can it be to find cat names? Incredibly difficult!
Vanessa and Rosie have taken the clippers to start on Finns coat and I forgot to give them the camera to take some photos but at least I will be able to take an" after " photo, the one I took of him when he arrived is a good enough "before".I cant wait to see him looking svelte and handsome.We need to find a local farrier to trim his feet too, I doubt they have ever been looked at and for a youngster they are pretty bad.Farriers are like gold dust round here but I have been given a few numbers to try.Our own farrier will n0t be visiting this area again foranother 2 months.
An exhausted racing pigeon has turned up in Porthmadog and is resting in a spare room at our Charity shop in the town.His owner has been traced so we are waiting for him to organise collection of the bird.I must say that pigeon racing is not a thing I am too happy about, some pigeon fanciers take the nesting bird off her eggs and she will fly thousands of miles in desperation to get back to them and so many birds collapse exhausted and battered by the elements which makes them easy prey for dogs, foxes etc.It is cruel to take homing birds so far away from home and then leave them to their fate.This owner appears to care for his bird, many will not want a "loser" back or will wring their necks when they finally make it home late.Im off on one of my rants again,there are so many things I feel so strongly about and so many people have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes of sports involving animals. Sometimes I wish I had less knowledge of these things, I think I would be a lot happier in my ignorance!
Thanks to the good weather Mion was able to hold a stall at the Criccieth Fair and raised the princely sum of £200.Brilliant effort, The mum cat she was fostering has now been homed along with her kittens so she has just one mum left whose babies are around 4 weeks of age. Foster homes for mother cats and their babies are vital at this time of year.With the number of kittens we will soon have at the shelter, every pen will be utilised and with foster homes for those too young to rehome it frees up space here.
My next urgent job is to find someone to shear our 5 sheep. Last year we were let down by several people who offered help,it was the first time we were unable to find anyone .This year they need doing even if we have to do it ourselves though I hope it doesnt come to that, for their sakes AND ours. I cant even cut my own fringe successfully so I doubt if I will be allowed anywhere near the poor old sheep.

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