Friday, 22 May 2009

Leon, a camera shy cat,

Where has the sun gone? It has not stopped raining all day and is so misty I cannot see beyond the nearest fields.Walking the dogs is something I usually enjoy but today was not particularly pleasant, I was soaked to the skin after the first group were exercised. Most of the dogs did not seem to mind too muich though the little terriers looked at me as though to say"Do we really have to go out in this?" and very reluctantly allowed me to put on their leads.Millie, however walked about three yards and sat down , when I slipped her off the lead she ran back to the house, followed by Timmy.Well he wasnt going to go anywhere without his pal.
The high winds last night have caused the felting on the office roof to peel off, the staff have helped to nail it down again but it really needs to be done again as soon as possible.
Heidi(now called Jeannie) the brindle lurcher homed a few weeks ago has come back to me for a weeks holiday.I was so happy to see the bond that was between her and her new person Sue but of course that made it more difficult for me to coax her away and into the house though once she met Molly again she perked up . I think there will be a big big welcome for Sue when she returns to collect her.
The pigs have burrowed deep down in to their hay and straw bedding and have made themselves invisible, only the sounds of loud snores emanating from their house indicates that there is something live in there! The cats too are nowhere to be seen,its not a day for animals to be out and about.
Louis the handsome grey and white cat has gone off to his new home this morning and the kittens I was expecting last week are coming in tomorrow morning so we have had to move some cats about to make room for them.There are seven in this litter, they are the first of the season to arrive and we are all looking forward to seeing them.I have several people waiting for kittens, I hope they are still interested.
Leon the emaciated tabby who was admitted a few days ago is pictured here looking very annoyed at having his photo taken.Actually he is a gentle affectionate cat but is obviously camera shy. You can see that his coat is matted and straggly round his neck but he and the other two longhaireds are going to the vet to be dematted on Tuesday.Leon will also have a thorough health check.Dematting the cats is too big a job for us to do here though Rosie and Vanessa have managed to clip off some of the offending clumps over the past week.
The new horse clippers have arrived so as soon as we have enough staff and the weather is fine they will be used for the first time on Finn, the new colt who desperately needs a tidy up.
There is a great deal of work to be done before the Open day here and one of the jobs that needs doing is repairing some of the paddock fencing, Barbara and John our handyman are making a start on it already.I had thought that Meis dad Dulyn would be around to do some of the work,it seems strange not being able to pick up the telephone and ask him for help.We also need to make a start on the weeds soon, it doesnt take long for them to take hold and spread like wildfire.There do not seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.With so many animals to feed and care for, some jobs are left till last or when some extra volunteers turn up.

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