Sunday, 24 May 2009

Billy the Staff comes to visit

We had a visitor today, Billy the Staffordshire bull terrier that was rescued from a dog pound.Billy now lives in Stoke on Trent, his people went into our Llandudno shop whilst they were on holiday.They had just lost a staff from old age and they saw the poster I did of Billy.All I can say that is Billy has fallen on his feet, from being minutes away from death, he is now the beloved family pet of experienced Staffordshire owners.He joins them at their caravan in Beddgelert and enjoys the attention given to him by the other caravan owners, he makes a fuss of everyone he meets who are at great risk of being licked to death. Billy truly is a good embassador for this much maligned breed. I rang Mei to come over to see him , I knew she would love to see how he has progressed physically,like me she was duly impressed by his shiny coat and the weight he has gained since he has found contentment .He is a real success story.
Two of the new kittens(pictured here) have been reserved today, Rwth who kindly gave a home for the last days of dear Fluff the cat with the heart problem has decided to take on kittens this time. I rang all the people on the waiting list for kittens and just like last year they had all found kittens elsewhere! So its two down, two to go.
Two adult cats were also rehomed today. Jackson and Nishka had both been at the shelter for over 9 months. Jackson is all black and Nishka is dark tortoishell ( this colouring never seems to appeal to people and these cats are almost as unpopular as black cats)So this really was a result, its a great morale boost to everyone when a long term animal is chosen.They had no sooner left us than another cat was admitted, Roy brought this one from Caernarfon where he had been a stray for some 6 weeks , Lincoln as he is now called, appears to have something wrong with one of his back legs. It does not seem to be causing him any distress but will have to be looked at by a vet as soon as possible.
The little jack russells Millie and Timmy will be going to live in Bonny Scotland next weekend, pending a homecheck being passed though I have little doubt about it being successful. They will be living in a household who have quite recently lost both their west highland terriers and are anxious to adopt two more little dogs to fill the vacuum created by their loss.We are trying to get the dogs used to the Scots accent before they go so they will not feel too alienated in their new country and the staff have promised to wear kilts for the next week!I think they are joking!
Whilst the sun is still shining here(yes its back again) I am going to take Molly and her companions up the top fields,I will take my camera and try to get some nice photos I can use on the blog.

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Rwth said...

Haia Lesley! Just spoken to my friend Ruth, that came with me on Monday to view the kittens, and I told her that you have one left! She would like to adopt the remainig kitten! She already has two beautiful cats, and would love to give a loving home to another one!