Thursday, 7 May 2009

The owner of Carlos is after a new dog.

I havent felt up to writing the blog recently due to being in agony with toothache and being unable to find a local NHS dentist. Anyhow all sorted now having had to go private to get an appointment before 2010!!
Well I have heard from Mintys new people and I believe he is settling in well with just a few teething problems which they hope they will successfully iron out over the coming weeks. The sad news of the week is that dear little Fluff, the heart murmer cat who was finally adopted only a few weeks ago, has died.We are all devastated but so glad he was able to spend his last weeks in a home of his own, in comfort and much loved.I feel distressed for Rwth having had to experience this loss so soon after losing her previous cat but I am hoping to see her here as a volunteer as she has promised to give up some of her free time to help out in the cattery.
2 little jack russells were picked up on sunday, one in season and the unneutered male in obsessive pursuit of her! Nobody has claimed either yet, both are sweet natured little dogs, Rosie is fostering the male and I have the female.
There were a few messages left yesterday for me from a lady who wanted a puppy.I decided to ring her even though I knew of none at the moment. I asked her if she had owned a dog before and she told me that she had got rid of her last two because she could not cope with un house trained animals as she was a pensioner -- this begs the question why she was wanting a puppy this time???Then she told me her last dog was called Carlos and was a jack russell. I was shocked to realise that the dog she was talking about is here (he came from the vet after being booked in for destruction)and never a cleaner dog have we had at the shelter.I have no idea why she would say he was so dirty in the house when he is spotless here.This woman had owned him for 3 years having obtained him from Paws rescue and when they said they had no room for him she booked him in to be destroyed.Appalling.Carlos is such a nice dog, everyone here loves him and at the age of 10 years he should be settled in a loving home.I will make sure this time he gets such a home.Why are some people so cavalier about ending the life of an animal and why if they cant cope do they want another? What goes on in their heads? In my opinion some should never be allowed to have a pet, same as some should never have children(Baby Ps mother springs to mind)
Several new cats have been admitted and at last some kittens are about to arrive, the Liverpoool shelter have had kittens for a few weeks and these will be our first of the season.
Mei and Barbara have just popped down to see the colts in their new home nearby as they had a couple of cuts on them this morning = they have taken some purple antispetic spray for them. They were only small grazes probably caused by rubbing against a fence.
Old Tangy who is in her early thirties now seems very stiff today, at her age this is not entirely unexpected, I need to order some more supplements for the old ponies.We add seaweed, garlic, cider vinegar and MSM to their daily food. Its wonderful what a difference these can make and I am sure this is what has kept little Noddy healthy all these years.He has always had various herbs added to his food to keep his joints supple and his body healthy and now he is so very old he is still extremely active and fit.
New lurcher Meg has settled well with Molly though they seem a bit disinterested in one another and at 8 years she is a very lively active dog.I am worried about her heart so she is going to the vet for a check up, I notice that she starts panting after a comparatively short burst of energetic exercise.Perhaps I ma paranoid about it and she may be fine but a check up wont do her any harm.She is in season too, something the owner failed to tell me, just as well the kitchen dogs are all female.Well actually now I think about it William is the only male of my dogs and he is neutered anyway.Speaking of which, he is now barking to let me know he is ready to come out of his kennel(my car) and spend the rest of the evening watching Television in the living room.His wish is my command.

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