Saturday, 2 May 2009

Eddy tries to round up the pigs

As I am sitting at the computer I can see the swallows
flitting about.Although I love to see them they take such chances around the cats and I could not bear anything to happen to them after their long journey to these shores.In spite of the large number of cats both feral and domestic which live around the property, we have very few bird casualties and I would like it to stay that way.It is usually the same 2 0r 3 cats which have a highly developed hunting instinct, the others seem content just to laze about. I am unsure where these swallows are nesting,I think it may be in one of the field shelters. There is a nest in the agricultural building but I think that belongs to a thrush, there is also one in the tree outside there but that is definitely a crows nest = I have seen them coming and going.When the horses are groomed the excess hair provides good nesting material for the birds and it is not uncommon to see them flying off with large wads of horse hair in their beaks.
Eddy collie has been taken for a walk by his new person who has travelled from Gloucester after falling in love with his photograph on the internet.This must be the third dog we have homed in that area. Having returned from his walk Eddy managed to get into the pigs field and tried to round them up! Mei and I had 15 minutes of unwanted exercise trying to catch the little tinker but he was so quick and clearly thought this was a great game which he didnt want to finish.Eventually as we collapsed out of breath and exhausted he lost interest and trotted back to the house. I have definitely gone off him today!The pigs were not too amused either.At least his new people have seen him at his worst.
Barry brought back a dog from liverpool which had been on the liverpool shelter waiting list for some months, he has gone to a home in Oxford this morning.
Just one cat rehomed this weekend, a young tabby which only came in last down, 60 to go !

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