Thursday, 30 April 2009

Another lurcher arrives and 2 more homeless collies.

I had a dog returned, a 6 years old collie who has a penchant for jumping 6ft fences and escaping! Sally has already been reserved, I think all she needs is plenty of exercise and human company because when there is someone around she does not try to get out.The new people know her problem so lets hope they will find a way of coping with it or better still that because they are home all day that Sally will make no attempts to get away.
A call came through from someone who had rung our vet to book in an 8 years old lurcher female for destruction.The reason given she had bitten a child. Fortunately I kinew someone related to the person and was able to find out if this was true.It is not true.Meg has a wonderful nature but the owner lied so the vet would think it an acceptable reason to put a dog down!In fact he just does not want her anymore as he has moved to run a pub and customers have complained about the presence of the dog.Meg is coming in on Monday. I could do with a few local foster homes as there are so many people at the moment wanting to get rid of their dogs.I read in the paper yesterday that the number of animals abandoned daily has risen to an all time high. Disgraceful.The recession will now be used as an excuse for everyone bringing animals in to shelters.Im sure there are some genuine cases but those who use this reason will no doubt still take their holidays abroad and have their nights out.
There are 2 more collies in need of homes, a genuine case this time, their owner is about to become homeless and Ollie and Jack are well cared for and happy dogs, they should not take long to rehome.Molly has a new friend too, Heidi is a 4 years old lurcher whose owner did not want her any longer, she is a typical soft natured lurcher and gets on with the other dogs as though she has always lived here.(all three pictured here) Every time a lurcher is admitted I am tempted to keep it!
I tried a bit of Cesar Milans techniques this morning.I was walking the dogs in the fields and Molly has a terrible habit of grabbing my sleeve and swinging me round in circles.It is most embarrassing when there are people witnessing my humiliation and failure as a dog owner so I thought right thats it, no more. I attempted to hold her down in a submissive state, well have you ever tried to do this to a Great Dane? Impossible, I tried and tried whilst Mei stood by helpless with laughter. Who won? Molly of course.I acceded defeat.I dont think the BBC will be offering me my own dog training series this year anyway.

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