Sunday, 5 April 2009

William misses his car and Will Minty ever find a home?

We got the boys back this morning, as I write this they are enjoying a well earned rest in their own field and Mei is busy poo picking around them. Usually they follow her and have happy times tipping the wheelbarrow over and watching her start all over again!Well happy times for them not for poor Mei who gets incredibly frustrated.At least they are giving her some peace today.Oops I spoke too soon, Mei has just come in for a coffee break having just had a full wheelbarrow tipped over by Sam. They are naughty boys.
The people for Minty were very nice and promised to let us know their decision today but as yet I have heard nothing so am disappointed.They seemed so suitable for him and were the first people ever to admire him and to think he was nice looking(except us)never mind there have been a few enquiries for him so maybe one will turn out to be THE home for him.
A couple, of dogwalkers have turned up today so that means extra walks for some of them.Not all will go with new people.Bonny our old foxhound is absolutely terrified of new faces and will run a mile if approached by a stranger, especially men.Even after being here for 2 years, she has not overcome this terror.It is such a shame, she is such a gentle affectionate dog but her background as a hunting dog appears to have left her scarred mentally.When she arrived she was emaciated and desperate for food and now she is a normal weight she still eats as though there will never be another meal.In fact if there is no food on offer she thinks nothing of stealing it, she has eaten the cats food,ripped open bags of donated dog food and even stolen
volunteers lunches. When dogs have been starved this seems to become a permananent state of mind for them.
Alfreds homecheck has passed so I must steel myself for him leaving soon.He is sharing the kitche with another rescue now and Molly seems quiet happy with the arrangement.Gemini is a lovely little cross cocker spaniel, full of life and vitality - her owner rang in a panic, she had been evicted and had nowhere for her 2 dogs, she had left them in her house and when Roy went out to collect them the owner of the house had called in the dog warden who was taking them to the dog Pound.Thankfully the council were quickly informed that these were not abandoned and had an owner and the dogs were returned within the hour.The B@B she was going to then said she could have one dog with her so we only brought one back.
My car is in the garage having a(very expensive) mot and work done on it.William is very upset, his kennel on wheels is not here and he is very restless.He keeps staring at me with reproach in his eyes and has resorted to sleeping in the cats kennel outside the office.This is not his usual choice of bedroom so he is not at all happy with me and this third rate accommodation.

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