Thursday, 16 April 2009

The abandoned pup has rickets.

Pictured here are the new tabby Abigail and 2 of our ferals who escaped and took up residence in the kitten room, they sleep on top of the pens but go outside when the door is open.Somehow I think they are now here to stay.
Ruth or Rwth as it should be spelled (apologies Rwth)has been in touch to let me know that dear little Fluff is well settled in his new home and is getting lots of attention. I am well and truly elated to hear this news.This is one of the highs of doing animal welfare work, there are more than enough lows to deal with but when something like this happens everything seems worthwhile.
The little lurcher pup has been to the vet today,I was concerned about one of his front legs which appeared a bit knobby looking on the joint.The vet diagnosed rickets from a poor diet so he is on vitamin tablets.From past experience this usually does the trick, I have had lurcher pups before in far worse condition, one litter were unable to walk, their front legs were so bent they walked on their elbows but even those straightened up within weeks.Im sure Freddie(his new name) will be fine.He is a typical lurcher, shy and frail and very wimpy, they are not the bravest of dogs.I am unsure whether he is a greyhound cross or whippet cross, I think his size when grown will be somewhere between the two.He needs to meet the cats, I want him to get used to them so he doesnt grow into a cat chasing/killing machine.He is the right age to start introducing him to cats so tomorrow is the designated day.Today he has been through enough.
Another disappointment, the people failed to turn up for Minty.After the homecheck was passed I was sure they would be here today as arranged but it seems there has been a change of heart from someone in the family.Poor Minty.I really thought his time had come.
Good news about Shane one of the Anglesey ponies, a friend of the shelter Janet is thinking of giving him a permanent home in Derbyshire.If she does make her mind up definitely this will be great for Shane who will be lavished with attention.He could only go to someone like her because he may always have recurring health problems.

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