Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Shall we Make a Run for It?

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"Shall we make a run for it" Judging by the look on their faces thats what the ponies seem to be thinking.
Andre our equine dentist is visiting today.Most of the ponies are marvellous when they have their teeth examined but little Maggie shetland is a nightmare and we have to have the vet out as well to sedate her.Small she may be but she is very strong and can be dangerous, rearing on her hind legs and kicking.Noddy, on the other hand is a sweetheart(as usual)but it is only to be expected from the best looking, best natured, best behaved pony on the property.Of course I am not in the least bit biased!!
Carousel, Solitaire and Starlight are pictured in the Dentists Waiting Room (stable yard) looking back at him treating Noddy and wondering when it is their turn to be subjected to the indigity of having Andre peering in to their mouths.I know exactly how they feel having experienced that feeling myself - not with Andre I hasten to add ,and in fact when I was a child actually escaped through an open window when the dentist had his back turned. I ran all the way home.My mother was not amused.
The dentist was impressed with the difference in some of the ponies. When he first came here several of the ponies were impossible to handle having had very little socialisation before their admittance to the shelter.Now it is only Maggie who has to be sedated.Andre joined us for a coffee break and Blue(one of the Anglesey ponies) decided to have some too.Pictured drinking from Meis coffee cup.After all a visit to the dentist deserves a little treat.
3 dogs have gone to be neutered today- Megan the jack russell, Gem the eviction dog and a middle aged unwanted farm dog Robbie.Harry Black has also gone in for tests.This little black cat seems to have lost weight and there is always a worry there is something serious underlying.Blood tests are the best option so we know for once and for all what is the problem.
The people interested in Minty rang to say they were not having him, what a disappointment.He is such a nice dog too though like all collies he is very active.I dont know what the real reason was for not having him but as they had owned a collie before that cant have been what put them off. Maybe they saw a more attractive dog elsewhere. Who knows? Wendy in Dorset has seen a few suitable shops for us to consider opening as a charity shop in that area so will probably head off down to Dorset for a few days next week possibly. We desperately need to improve our income and shops seem to be the only way to do this, at least they bring in a regular sum.We have only been established in Wales for 6 years and it takes a long time to drum up support and funding.At the moment we are sailing close to the wind financially so the situation is urgent and with everyone worrying about the recession I am extremely worried about the future of the shelter.

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Janice Gillett said...

I had a short haired collie and loved him. A collie is as close to a deer as you can get in canine. With there liquid eyes and loyal nature you can'ask for a better dog. And with the short coat they are easleir to care for. If you were closer I would swoop in !!