Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sam and Murphy make a bid for freedom!

A busy day today, someone came to look at feral cats so pending a homecheck 3 lucky ferals may soon have a new home.The little yorkie has gone this morning, she has gone to Kev and Linda who already have a yorkie from Freshfields, their two oldest died recently making room for another rescue.This couple adore their dogs and will be the perfect home for little Minnie.I couldnt be more pleased.
Alfred the lurcher has someone interested in him .They live in Kent so I am waiting to hear how that homecheck went, I have a good feeling about it.The sooner he goes the better, I am becoming rather attached to him.I love lurchers, they are one of my favourite dogs and Alfred fits in so well! Its so tempting when a dog comes along that really seems to fit into the lifestyle here but I always have to remind myself that by keeping some that means I will have no room to help any others which may be in need of help.It is hard though to be rational ALL of the time.
Jan came again today to help with the office work. When she lost all her work last time after the computer crashed, I had doubts she would turn up again.I am so glad she hasnt given up on us, I really do need help in the office, there seems to be so much paperwork to deal with nowadays and it takes up so much time.
A friend emailed me about the lack of ladybirds telling me that she has seen loads of them where she lives on the LLyn peninsula so perhaps I will see some here this spring.There were buzzards directly overhead today, I worry about the safety of the old cats but I think they were doing a mating dance.They seemed more interested in each other than searching for food on the ground.I dont know if they would ever attempt to take a cat but I suppose it is possible, they are big, powerful birds.
Last year I gave a talk to a group called Quaker concern for animals, they have nominated me for an award which is given annually by The Young Indian vegetarians.I am to receive it on April 18th at a venue near manchester. Each year they present an award to someone whose work displays compassion so I am honoured to be chosen and look forward to meeting some nice people at the event.
I have done some posters to try and rehome Fluff the heart murmer cat, he is already on the catchat website under special needs and on the Freshfields website.There MUST be someone out there for him, maybe the posters will do the trick.
Naughty shetlands Sam and Murphy broke out their field today and decided to explore another part of the shelter and could we get them back? They were having none of it and eventually Mei and I gave it up as a bad job.Exhausted and dirty, looking like stig of the dump (from falling over)we conceded defeat.They have joined the bigger ponies in the next field - When shetlands decide to do something they can be very stubborn, they may be small but they have minds of their own and can be harder to deal with than the largest horse.Tomorrow is another day.they will probably give themselves up after they have enjoyed their days freedom.They clearly wanted to be with the Big Boys.
I cant believe it, someone has arrived who is interested in Minty the collie who has been here for 6 months.Nobody ever looks at him, the shortcoated collies are not as popular as the longcoated dogs and he is constantly overlooked.More of this tomorrow.

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