Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bonny is caught in the act.

Barry and I spent Yesterday working in our Llandudno shop as we have no staff at the moment.It seems the staff left shortly after we said we need to go there and have a chat as it was not making as much as we had hoped for this time of year.Was this unreasonable? I dont think so especially as it has not been open every day and was closed on Bank holiday Monday when it is one of LLandudnos busiest times.It is so hard to get volunteers for charity shops but unless the shop takes twice as much as it is doing at present there is no chance of finding the money to pay a wage.My sister Sandra and her friend have gone there today with Barry to keep the shop open but heaven knows what will happen next week.I had intended to do a few days but Barbara one of the staff at the shelter has had to go home to South Wales after hearing her mother is ill.Apart from her absence we have lost Gail for a while.Poor Gail who helps care for the cats, fell down the stairs at home and has hurt her back. Everyone seems jinxed at the moment. Anyhow it means I will not be able to help out in Llandudno.If it does not open iot means we will not be able to pay the rent! What a worry.
Little Freddy lurcher pup has gone to a home today, I will miss him a great deal, he is a real heartbreaker.The yorkies Gizzie and Jessie also went this weekend and even with Suzy and the Maggie Marthas the living room seems quiet and empty.The oldies spend so much time sleeping and the others were lively and in my face so their absence is conspicuous. I suppose one way to look at is to enjoy the peace and quiet until another lively little soul arrives.
It has been very quiet for cat homes, I wonder if most people are waiting for kittens to arrive? Mion is fostering another mum and babies who will be ready in 2 weeks for rehoming and she brought in the mother of the last litter she fostered.We will get her spayed next week and put her up for adoption.
I am still concerned about Jones the emaciated cat admitted the other day, his appetite is not normal at all for such a thin animal, I think he should go back to the vet on Monday if he doesnt start eating well.
Mei went to check on the ponies out in their new summer homes and has reported back that they all seem well and happy.We were both thinking about them a lot and wondering if they are OK, we have got so used to seeing them here every day but as long as there is plentiful grass they will be content anywhere.There is no doubt that many of us, myself included have a habit of attributing human emotions to animals - sorry Rosie I cant remember the correct word to use only that it begins with P! peritoptical or poperictal or was it popstiricle!!!!!! And there was I thinking I had rather a good command of the English Language, clearly Rosie has a far better command!
I have just heard the familiar sound of a binbag being torn open and empty cans falling on the ground - who could be causing that I wonder? Yes its Bonny the greedy Foxhound .Once again she is on the scavenging trail.If she gets any fatter she will explode and we do all we can to keep her away from food, she sniffs it out a mile away.Mei had only just put the binbags on the quad bike a few minutes ago ready to take down to the bins at the bottom of the track but if you turn your back for a second Bonny moves in .

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