Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Gizzie and Jessie make themselves at home.

What a brilliant weekend it has been, I had a day off yesterday and went to Llandudno and went to the top of the Great Orme. Even though the staff were keeping an eye on my dogs, I worried most of the day about them being on their own in the house.I sometimes think they rule my life and of course when I returned they were all perfectly fine.Its not something I like to do -I seldom leave them on their own and if I do the girls let them out regularly.When Im out I miss them and compensate by"talking" to dogs I meet in the street, much to the annoyance of anyone accompanying me.
There is a possible home for Bobby, one of our shetland ponies, he is only 5 years old but a very quiet placid little pony,Megan terrier went to her home and Mary cat has been reserved.
We are waiting for the people from Kent who are having Alfred lurcher, to arrive.They are travelling up today and want to meet him before taking him home tomorrow.I gave him a bath this morning so he looks especially beautiful when the meeting takes place.I still intend to stay out the way when he goes,I dont want to see him go. He is such a nice dog, no trouble at all and I will definitely miss him a great deal.
The stray cross german shepherd pup already has a home with someone locally, I have my doubts she was a genuine stray.Often the owners bring them in and make up a story.Why they do this I have no idea. but its a nuisance because then we have no background or information with which to find the right suitable home. Cassie as she will be called is going to live with two other dogs so I hope she will settle quickly.Her first night here was a very unsettled night for her but thats only to be expected.She is a lot calmer today.
The little yorkies Jessie and Gizzy might as well have lived here all their lives, they are so at home!(pictured here)They look quiite big on the photo but they are toy yorkies, dainty frail litle dogs.
Had a call yesterday about a dog curled up all day near a church in Bangor.Roy went out to collect and is fostering him for a few days, he said he is a young whippet cross, smaller than my William.He should be easy to rehome,I must harden my heart, lurchers are definitely one of my favourite types of dog.Anyhow William would not take too kindly to an usurper!

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