Friday, 10 April 2009

The pigs enjoying a banana snack.

Barbara has arrived back from Leicestershire where she had been to collect a donation of petfood from Pedigree Petfoods.They have donated an amazing 96 cases of Whiskas and 53 cases of Chappie.Our petfood bill is incredibly high so this is very welcome and will make a great difference to us.
The house seems empty without Ruby which seems silly as I still have 5 permanent dogs but this is the lowest number I have had for a long time and those animals which require more intensive care seem to leave the biggest gap when they go. I will try not to take in any more permanent dogs for a while to give myself a break from caring for elderly and difficult dogs.It takes over your life and I have done it for over 30 years and feel I want a bit of "me" time.Is that selfish? I certainly feel guilty even just writing the words but I am saving up for a good holiday this year and I dont want to have to worry about leaving Mei and the staff coping with extra responsibiities.The remaining 5 with the exception of Molly are very old but so far have no major health issues.
Its a lovely bright day today, the pigs are lying in the sun , enjoying the fresh air.Of course they are never to be seen when it is cold, they bury themselves deep down in their warm bed of straw.Today they have spent most of their time outside pottering about and continuing their never ending search for food.
Poor little |cat Harry Black was found to have a massive tumour, there was nothing to be done Im afraid, I wish he had been in a home and not ended his days here although it would have been heartbreaking for a new owner to lose him so soon, maybe it was best it was discovered here.
Another 2 cats have been homed today. The sun must be bringing people out. Marmalade a 6 years old cat has been chosen along with Billy Jo , a very timid little black cat who has been here for 2 years.We are all over the moon about this, just when you start to think nobody will ever take a certain animal, then someone arrives who is immediately attracted to that same animal.Thank goodness it does happen or we would have so many more cats here permanently.
Rosie has been fostering a middle aged collie called Robbie, she is going away this weekend so I have put him in with Sasha who has brightened up considerably now she has a new companion.
We had a visit from a girl called Kerry who is going to take part in a sponsored skydive for us in July.Now thats what I call brave!

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