Friday, 17 April 2009

2 cats and a dog admitted.

Two beautiful longhaired cats were admitted today.Sami the tortoishell was abandoned in an isolated spot in Anglesey and Che the black/grey cat has been scavenging around a local kennels for several weeks. Both are friendly nice natured cats but will need owners wiling to keep to a daily coat brushing routine if their coats are to remain in good condition.
Milo a 2 years old farm collie was taken yesterday to be destroyed because he was no good with sheep, we have had him neutered and he appears to be a friendly affectionate animal., he is an unusually marked sheepdog and has 2 blue eyes.His arrival means putting off taking in the nervous sheepdog I wrote about a few days ago. He needs to come in next so I can start to assess him and try to do some work with him to overcome his problems.I am no Cesar Milan but I like a challenge and this dog obviously needs help.
I am away saturday and part of sunday so there will not be an entry tomorrow, I am off to manchester to the Jain award ceremony and as always I am feeling nervous at the prospect of having to speak in front of people.

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