Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chaining dogs should be against the law.

We went to see the colts in their new fields yesterday, they looked happy and we left feeling a lot happier ourselves.The next job is to check on Marigold and Melba and ensure they too are fine.Im sure they are but its nice to see for ourselves.
Pictured is Mei with the three babies(they will always be babies to us)Merlin seems to be growing a lot more than Shamrock and Celt who looks positively tiny next to him.
I heard this morning from Billy staffs new people, they adore him already and said if I offered them £1,000 they would not give him back - like I would ever have that kind of money anyway!! Its great to hear he is being so loved.I wish all dogs could have such a home. I am trying to find a home at the moment for a 3 years old collie cross who has spent the past year chained up , my first impression of him made me want to cry.He stood filthy and unkempt, tail between his legs and eyes dull with such sadness I just wanted to hug him and tell him life was going to be better from here on.Pictured here after his bath.
Rosie and Vanessa bathed and groomed him and just 24 hours later he is a diffrent animal, his eyes are bright and his tail wags but most of all it is heartwarming to see him running free in the fields.He is full of wonderment and joy at his new found freedom but keps running back for a quiet cuddle. He is no great beauty but he seems a gentle creature and I think he will make someone a wonderful companion. If only there was a law passed against the keeping of dogs on chains. The Welsh Assembly have produced guidelines for the keeping of dogs and they advise a run and raised sleeping quarters!!! It will never be implemented if the law is not changed and the RSPCA given the power to remove animals immediately. I believe it is about educating the farmers but trying to change ways that have been with them for centuries is no easy task.Some seem to be more enlightened than others but it is still a huge problem and I know I keep going on about it from time to time but it is a subject so close to my heart and the plight of these dogs is on my mind constantly it is hard not to dwell on it.
There seem to be cats coming in from all directions(literally) , a young stray tabby from a caravan site in Nefyn, a longhaired black female from a home who no longer wanted her once a new kitten arrived, another stray tabby with white paws and front and a black stray female who might be pregnant.I had the first call today asking me to take kittens but as they are only 5 weeks at the moment I agreed to take them when they are 7 weeks old.Our foster kittens are the same age so in 2 weeks time the kitten season will start with a vengeance.The nightmare begins!
Still no staff to open the Llandudno shop until saturday, a real worry but then if I had nothing to worry about I would worry that I had nothing to worry about!!
I had a lovely email this morning from people in Abersoch who took a white cat from here a year ago, they sent beautiful photos of him in his home.This cat was one of 12 white cats which came from a farm, they were in such a sorry state on arrival and to see this cat Oscar now, it gave us all so much pleasure.We hear also from another of this bunch - Granny White who also went to a very special home.All the staff love to hear from owners who are pleased with their Freshfields pets, we all gather round the computer when email pics are sent and photos are kept for display boards at our fundraising functions;.
Which reminds me, if anyone local reads this, we have a stall at the Nefyn Fair on Bank holiday monday may 4th.Please sup[port us. Mion our cat fosterer and her friend Elspeth will be running the stall for us.

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