Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bridget and Jones visit the Vet.

Bridget and Jones The 2 new cats went to the vet today.They are anaemic were covered in lice, have eye infections, flea eczema and the male cat seems to have an urinary problem which we need to monitor over the next week when they go back to see the vet.They are also very underweight especially the male cat.When I went into their pen to feed them this morning they were huddled in a basket feral like and looked at me with scared eyes, then when I spoke to them they seemed to relax and began purring and doing the things cats do when they like someone.I wonder where they came from, what was their story, why were they so frightened initially?
2 more ponies went out to summer fields today.Melba and Marigold, Welsh Mountain ponies are very attached to one another so we decided to send them as a pair.We were all worried about boxing Marigold as she has only ever been boxed once when she was admitted here 5 years ago.Amazingly she just walked in followed a little more reluctantly by her pal Melba.We had decided against sending our original choice of Callie and Freddy who are bigger horses and have been here 6 years. Callie has been in Freshfields care, originally on Merseyside for many years before the move to Wales.The decision was made mainly because of Callies great age and of Freddies original manic behaviour arriving here and being hard to handle in a new environment.He is much calmer nowadays but we have no idea what he would be like taken somewhere unfamiliar.
The owners of the property where the 3 colts went yesterday popped in today and very kindly paid the cost of the transport for us.That was more than welcome and they have taken a collecting box for their hotel as well as offering to sell our Freshfields promotional gifts(notepads, pens etc) in their reception.Hopefully they may be able to sell some of our xmas cards and callendars later in the year.I am always so pleased when help is offered, there were many times I thought the charity would never take off here in Wales but we seem to be gaining support daily. I am trying the positive thinking attitude.Every day I imagine collecting the mail and opening a letter to find an extremely large legacy has been left to us. I reckon if I do this every day it may happen! Well I can dream!
I have had several calls to rehome dogs and have been busy trying to find foster homes for the more urgent ones.Until I home Freddy lurcher pup and Gem spanie I cant have any more in the house.Oh forgot to say that the 6 years old yorkshire terriers are going tomorrow.I will once again stay out the way having yet again become too attached emotionally to my "foster" dogs.Will I never learn? gemnini is hopefully going next week to a home in Surrey, nobody interested in dear little Freddy yet and I am still tempted to keep him.Common sense says not as he is only 4 months old but he is such a sweetie and curls up in Mollys basket with her. His rickets should be cleared soon now he is on vitamin tablets and a good diet.He just craves affection and is so gentle, he has been introduced to the cats and has shown no inclination to chase, always a good thing for a lurcher.
I have been told of a 5 years old mare due for destruction and I am so angry. It seems the owners put her in foal when she was too young, it has damaged her hips and now of course she is of no use to anyone.She cannot be ridden and she cannot ever be bred from again.Where is the compassion? Where is the sense of responsibility for this? What gives people the right to ruin an animals health for life? This animal has to be helped, I am waiting for more information about her so I can decide what is the best course of action.


green_knight said...

(Hi. Mostly lurker here.)

While I am tremendously furious with the owners of the mare, if she is five, in pain, and unlikely to get better, putting her down is the best option. Keeping her happy for the next twenty years is a tall order, particularly as you could take in a £10 foal from Llanybyddr or Beeston with a chance for a long and happy life.

The owners on the other hand - they got her into that state, and it should be their responsibility to keep her if that is an option. OTOH, I'd rather they put her down than put her through a low-end auction.

lesley said...

thanks for comment , I agree that if an animal is going to be suffering best she be put down but seems as far as I can make out she is fine unless ridden so is capable of a long happy life.Yes it should be their responsibility, but too many people shirk this as Im sure you know.
Dont worry I dont allow animals to suffer just to keep them alive.Quality of life is all important.