Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A great day for Fluff and Alfred leaves us.

I can hardly believe it, Fluff finally finds someone who is happy to take him on.Ruth(pictured here with Fluff) wanted an indoor cat and was moved to hear that Fluff had been here for 2 years and had a heart problem.It is just so wonderful to think that today he starts his new life and will be loved and treasured as he deserves.All the fusses and care we gave him could never compensate for the loss of a real home.I knew the right person would come along soon,heres hoping Ruth and Fluff have a long happy life together.Im ecstatic!
Alfred went off happily to his new home, he jumped in the back of their car as though he knew it was his time to go. Molly seems a little subdued, they were not great friends, didnt play or sleep in the same basket but they seemed compatible living together.I wonder if I am being unfair to her bringing new dogs in and then rehoming them.This is the first time she has not had a permanent companion.Perhaps I should find one so there is some constancy for her.I had considered keeping Alfred too but so many people were interested in him, it didnt seem fair to him.I dont have a great deal of time to spend with the big dogs although I am in and out of the kitchen during the day. Molly is now 7 years old which is a fair age for a Great Dane. She is lively when she goes out in the fields but spends a lot of time sleeping too.Maybe I should keep a dog of similar age which she gets on with.It needs some thought but it must be the right one to fit into the lifestyle here with all the other animals about.
Roy is bringing in the stray whippet cross today, he will have have to share the kitchen for now at least. l know already I am going to fall in love with him (As much as I am fond of Roy,I mean the dog and not him)Roy tells me that when he went to collect the pup from the churchyard , he was asleep on a childs grave.The gate was shut to the cemetery and he had been in there all day apparently.I suppose we will never find out his history, if only animals could speak. Its always been a mystery to me that this type of dog is not more popular, after all they seldom bark(though William does) are usually docile and placid of nature and dont pull on the lead or have a tendency to jump all over people.In fact in so many ways they make perfect pets for older people.Years ago I had another beloved dog, an Italian Greyhound called Mr Whippy.God how I loved that dog, he had been admitted from a breeder in Liverpool who didnt want him after the little dog (mysteriously) fell down stairs and broke his two front legs.He was a tiny little chap who hated walking, preferring to be carried everywhere, and of course I obliged.He lived 14 years and I was devastated when he died, he was probably one of , if not THE most special dog I had until William.I love all my dogs but some seem more in tune and there is a special bond with certain ones.
A new cat has been admitted. Abigail, a lovely tabby was taken to be destroyed because she scratched someones grandchild.She is a friendly affectionate cat with striking tabby markings.When I was a child in Liverpool, tabbies were called "Scottie Road cats". There were so many of them , it was the most common colour of cats to be seen on Merseyside.I was never sure why they were called that except that "scottie" was short for Scotland Road.I wonder if anyone else knows why tabbies had that nickname? For some reason this colour is no longer predominant, there appear to be more black cats or black and white than any others nowadays.
Blue seems to be walking much better today, he did not need any treatment, the following day he was walking normally.We were worried because he is one of the neglected Anglesey ponies whose feet have needed so much attention but he seems fine now.It is pouring with rain now and high winds are getting up so we need to bring in the old ponies early, I can already see them clustering round the gate waiting for Mei to do the honours and call them in. I hope this is not the end of the beautiful spring days.I found a bumble bee(in the kitchen) dying this morning and realised I know nothing about them whatsoever, is this normal? I thought they lasted through spring and summer! Another fact I need to look up.


Rwth said...
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Rwth said...

Fluff, now known as Ned, has settled in already, and is finding his way around the house!
He's had ,many visitors already, and will be loved and spoilt rotten!
Thank you very much!

Rwth and Ned! xx