Wednesday, 22 April 2009

2 neglected cats arrive and Billy Jo finds a home

Pic of the 10 yrs old jack Russell Carlos, he is a sweet little dog, the owners said he was not house trained but he has not yet made any mess at all and he is great with other dogs which is always a bonus with terriers.
Another cat has joined the ranks of the permannent residents.We decided it was highly unlikely that Taz a middle aged black and white who can be quite grumpy would find a home.Sometimes visitors fall for one of the permanent cats who are always pottering about the yard and if this happens they can still be rehomed unless there is a serious health problem or they have been here too long and are happy.We once homed Huw, a 17 years old cat this way, he had only been with us for a matter of a year but someone fell in love with his gentle nature and gave him his final year living in a super home.
2 very sad neglected cats were admitted today, they had turned up in someones garden.One is emaciated and the other is very light in weight also but could be pregnant.Both have a bad flea allergy and are altogether very poor looking.They seem gentle cats and were clearly delighted to be somewhere warm and comfortable and settled in their pen quickly whilst purring away madly.We will worm them first, put them on a course of antibiotics(their eyes are gungy) deflea and see how they get on over the next week.I am running out of names for cats, maybe Bridget and Jones?
We have moved some of the almost full grown kittencats into the main cattery though I fear some are far too timid to be likely candidates for adoption.They all came in as twelve weeks old feral kittens, a few were fairly friendly and we found homes for them but others remained aloof.Out of this batch of 6, there are only 2 that are almost ready to be handled, the others will take forever. If only they were brought to us when they were very young(6- 8 weeks)there is a much higher success rate.The sad thing is that they are very attractive animals and normally would have been snapped up.
I cant remember if I mentioned that Billy Jo has been rehomed??? My memory is getting worse! Billy Jo was a very timid almost feral kittencat when she arrived with her mother and sister over a year ago(or was it 2 years ago)She has always been exceptionally nervous and amazingly she appeared to fall in love with a man who came with his family and had chosen another cat.He was so taken with Billy Jo that they took the two cats home and I have heard that she is marvellous, certainly the photo they sent showed a very contented cat. Another success story.

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