Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sashas last walk at the shelter

I still cannot quite believe it but today Billy the staffordshire bull terrier rescued from a dog pound has found people to give him the life he needs.A retired couple on holiday from Stoke on Trent visited our LLandudno shop, spotted Billys poster in the window and love blossomed! They are experienced staff owners and had just lost their own aged 17 years. I knew there had to be the right people out there for him, it was just a matter of waiting for them to turn up.I have little doubt this was meant to be. Ill be the first to admit I was worried he may never find a home due to the bad press this breed is enduring currently so I am more than a little relieved on my own behalf and needless to say delighted for him.
Sasha too has gone to her new home(pictured having a last walk at the shelter with her new people)and Geminis owner has reclaimed her after finding somehwhere dog friendly to live.The only downside of this is disappointing two families who were interested in her, however she was so delighted to see her owner it was the right thing to do in the circumstances.
Just one cat has been reserved this weekend, the very handsome Louis a grey and white stunner will be going this week.One is better than none.
There are 3 new cats being admitted tomorrow, perhaps its time to advertise again in the local papert, as I am trying to reserve funds for necessities I had not advertised for a while but this may be a necessity.
Skinny Jones is beginning to eat normally so may not need the vet again after all, they are so content , its as though they feel a great sense of relief being cared for again.Poor little cats.
No news about the unwanted horse, sometimes I wonder if situations are as urgent as people say, if that was the case why have I not had a return call? Oh well I cant do anything without any information.
Its so warm today, a lovely spring day so I took some photos of the horses enjoying the day.I should have taken the photos AFTER I took off their rugs but that was far too rational and sensible for me to work out!!Maggie is the loner, the other three are The Clarksters, 3 of four ponies whose previous owner Christine Clarke visits us regularly.For some reason Marcasite is never in the picture.The 3 shown are from front to back Carousel, Starlight and Solitaire>These ponies have such pretty names.

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