Sunday, 12 April 2009

Royston joins the permanent residents

Royston came in to us about 6 months ago, nobody showed any interest in her and because of her age I decided enough was enough.I decided to release her to live out her days at the shelter, she is now 13 years old and life in a cattery is no life for an elderly cat.This was on Saturday morning and already she has made herself completely at home, sleeping in the conservatory at night and pottering around during the day.
One young tortoishell female went today and a relative who accompanied the new owners fell in love with Megan the jack Russell so all being well she will be also going to a new home shortly. Grizzly the collie from a broken home came in yesterday and he too will be off to a new home this week.A stray pup was brought in yesterday, she is around 4 months old, looks like a cross german shepherd and I doubt if anyone will claim her. She appears to suffer from separation anxiety and makes a terrible racket when she is left.She has joined Molly and the other 3 in the kitchen, she is getting on famously with Gemini - the two of them are playing like young dogs do, lots of tugging and pulling at anything they can find(usually seems to be an item of mine from the ever increasing pile of recently washed and waiting to be put away clothes on the kitchen table)Never mind at least it provides entertainment for the dogs!One day I will get round to moving the clothes to their rightful place in the wardrobe but it wont be this week!
Blue , one of the Anglesey ponies has gone lame so is confined to barracks at the moment.It does not appear to be laminitis, rather a stiffness of the joints, perhaps his supplements need to be increased, if there is no improvement I will call out the vet.
I forgot to mention in an earlier blog entry that Andre our Equine Dentist is not only compassionate and gentle with our horses but he also does volunteer work abroad to help less fortunate equines.Each year he spends a month helping the Greek animal Welfare near Athens. How brilliant to know of someone who uses his skills in this way.Well done Andre.
The 2 little yorkshire terriers which went to a local home a week ago have been returned , in retrospect I think they were too lively for the lady who would maybe have been better off with just one more sedate yorkie.I did have a small flicker of doubt, I should have listened to my inner voice. These are tiny little dogs aged 6 years but they are full of energy and more suited to someone younger.They are happy enough to be back here and the Maggie Marthas just looked at them briefly and went back to sleep.Little Suzy also accepted the presence of the newcomers and as long as they keep their distance she is happy. Suzy is the grumpy one of the 3 permanent yorkies.The Maggie Marthas are gentle and sweet.Suzy chooses when to be affectionate, the rest of the time she is a little tinker but as she is so tiny and only has one tooth her bite is totally ineffective.
My car is back from the garage and William is so thrilled he has scarcely left it and has been curled up in the passenger seat ever since. I have to persuade him to leave it so I can lock it and bring him into the house.He is clearly scared it will disappear again.

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