Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A crisis averted

Last night after I had written the days blog, Barbara and Im had a bit of a crisis, she came into the office to tell me that she thought one of the horses had become stuck behind a wall and she was right. Freddy had managed to wedge himself behind a stone wall and our security fencing. Part of the wall had fallen down and this had made a space for him to get through but the passage had narrowed and he could move neither way. Whilst I kept him calm and talked to him, Barbara raced back to the tack room to get some bolt cutters and cut away the wire fencing holding him in.A very relieved horse escaped into the field to join his companions.Fortunately he had not panicked excessively and had no cuts or grazes from his experience. The funny thing was that some of the resident cats had heard my voice and decided to investigate, all of a sudden several feral cats appeared and raced up the field to join us on our mercy mission. As cats do they simply lay down in the field to watch our struggles and then when it was all over they dispersed as quickly as they arrived.Clearly they thought the fun was over so there was no point hanging around.
I took some photos of the views from where I walk the dogs.To the front of the shelter the sea is visible and at the side, the mountains, I did not manage a photo of Mount Snowdon, it is to the right of the range of mountains known locally as Elephant Mountain so called because of the shape.Molly manages to get in most of my photos, Meg the lurcher is also in one of them, the other is of Meg and Ben, the elderly collie I am caring for whilst his owner tries to find somewhere to live.I actually found him sharing mollys basket last night, he is a very amiable dog and of course Molly is a real tart, she will let anyone sleep with her!
The last kitten has been reserved (also through the blog) so she will be leaving us tomorrow at the same time as the others.
All three longhaired cats have returned from their dematting session at the vets and they look so much better, they did not have too have much taken off so they have been spared the total bald scenario.We have someone interested in 2 of them, she will be visiting this week to see them and hopefully will decide to adopt.
The new black cat with the leg injury has had an xray today, his leg was swollen and today he seemed in more discomfort.He is on antibiotics for the moment but may need an operation .
Someone sent me the video on you tube of the RSPCA footage taken at the farm in Amersham where so many horses were dead and severely neglected.It was very upsetting and like everyone who read about this case I feel full of anger at the evil family who allowed this to happen.Even more amazing is that the british justice system fails to come down as heavily as it should on this type of animal abuser. I dont know if there is a more recent update on the situation but I had read sometime ago that some of the animals were being RETURNED to them!! Unbelievable that this should even be an option.

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Janice Gillett said...

Thank goodness that pony has a good mind and you were there to save the little brat ..again!! lol