Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sally leaves us and Millie arrives.

Today Sally(pictured) the 6 years old collie went off to her new home,whilst with me she has had to remain on a lead because she has a real problem of not wanting to come back in the house and sometimes it has taken hours to coax her back in.The new people are aware of this so I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well, she is such a nice natured animnal it is upsetting to see her so nervous.Could it be because she lived outside and was told off whenever she attempted to enter the house? Its a possibility and if this is the case it may take some time to resolve.
Whilst I was in LLandudno yesterday someone turned up at the shelter with a little jack russell female called Millie, the child of the house was allergic to dog hair.This dear little dog is good with dogs, cats and children but has been relegated to living outside all her life.Now at last she has a chance of finding a nice home in which to spend her days.There may be a slight problem with house training but most of the dogs we home are kennelled farm dogs and there have only been one or two that have taken some time and patience to train.Most have been spotless from day one.
Lately we seem to be having calls to take in Jack russells and lurchers, usually it is collies all the time.At least the little dogs are easy to home though dear carlos is not attracting much attention.I suspect that is because he is 10 years old, few people want to take on a dog this age, still I am sure we will find the right person for him soon especially as he is so good with other dogs.
Pictured are Millie and Timmy(the stray brought in with bitch in season)There is a possible home for him once Grace settles down, her people came to see him and liked him but Grace is still not totally settled so they want to wait a while.
We had visitors today from taunton in Somerset,Colin and his wife came here to
dog walk whilst on holiday 2 years ago and have stayed in touch ever since.They spent an hour or so taking the dogs for a walk to the relief of the staff who are being walked off their feet at the moment.
I popped in the house to check on the littlies and to let the Maggie Marthas out, it was just as well I did so at that moment because Felix cat had got his claw snagged on the coat of one and was pulling her round the room in an attempt to set himself free.Poor Maggie Martha had no idea what was happening or why she was being pulled backwards.She was more than happy to see me and to be extricated from the cat.
A donation of Burns dog food was delivered today from the company, this will keep the dogs going for a long time and will save us loads of money.It is so exciting when we receive such help, all the foster homes can be given this food now to feed their foster dogs until homes can be found.A very welcome donation.
I cannot remember if I had given an update on the condition Of Cariad the longhaired ginger and white resident cat.As I mentioned before Cariad has been wobbly on her legs and has had several tests.She has somehow developed a neurological problem and her balance continues to be impaired.That nothwithstanding she has mad half hours where she races round the room and up the curtains or back of the sofa so she is still enjoying her life and seems to be managing with her disability.She is now mainly living in the house with me whereas before she lived in the passageway of the cattery in her basket(though came and went outside as well)Vistors would coo over her and admire her beauty until she would become bored of the attention and give them a whack.We had to warn people not to touch her so at least now they are out of harms way and we have less chance of being sued!

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Janet said...

Hi there, So pleased to hear Cariad is still with you. I met her when my sister came up and adopted Shoni,who is doing wonderful she follows them around the garden like a dog. Cariad is often in my thoughts I loved her and she let me fuss her with no scratches or bites!! Our adopted kittens from 2007 are fantastice Edgar is a big lad now and Fliss a proper little lady. Best wishes to you all Janet, Barmouth