Sunday, 3 May 2009

At last Minty finds a home.

A busy day today with little help.Fortunately when the weather is good the horses stay out so less to do there, no stables to muck out though the cats are hard work as there are so many at this time of year.I am having more hassle from the previous owner of the Anglesey horses that were so terribly neglected.She has decided she wants them back and is threatening me with police, legal action etc.Unbelievably 3 farriers have given her letters to say that the horses were in good condition!!!!!!!!This just astonishes me when we have photographic evidence, vets reports, our own farriers reports(and photos he took)So far her animals have cost me around £3,000 and as I have mentioned before most of them will be here for life as they will always need specialised care.
When we give help we do it for the sake of the animals but when this sort of thing occurs it is very disheartening, so far she has accused me of being a thief(the animals were signed over to us) and a murderer(because some of her animals had to be destroyed humanely due to their suffering) When I first started doing this work I had no idea that this sort of thing could happen ,I was very naeve thinking it would all be about the animals and caring for them. Over the years I have had to put up with all sorts of abuse, my staff also have had their fair share of it, Dave the ex manager of Freshfields in Liverpool was once punched in the face by a man who was unhappy at being turned down for a dog, he had a screaming child in his arms when he threw the punch.Delightful man, and he thought we would welcome the chance to rehome an animal to him!
Anyway enough of that, this weekend we have homed 3 dogs- all collies and the one we are most delighted about is Minty who after 9 months has finally found his own people, at last someone has fallen for him. We almost had given up and thought he would be here for life. His only problem was that he was not brilliant woth the cats but he just did not seekm to appeal to anyone until now .Dear Minty, I bet hes having the time of his life now having lots of attention for a change.With the best will in the world we cannot provide the time and attention he and the others need so although we will all miss him its great news for him
I had an email today about a lame horse in a town about 2 hours away , he has been unable to put his leg down for over a week and is looking very sorry for himself, I have forwarded this on to the inspector at World Horse Welfare who Im sure will get on to it as soon as he is able. From past experience he has been very prompt dealing with reported cases.
Im off to work in the LLanduidno shop again tomorrow, we need to keep it open as there is a festival there this weekend and there are thousands of people about. There is a lot of interest shown in the display boards with photos of our animals so I have printed out a few more, it may bring some homes in. ,

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