Friday, 15 May 2009

Minnie and Georgie Girl go on holiday.

Another 2 ponies have gone to summer grazing, Rosie and vanessa walked Minnie and Georgie Girl to fields a couple of miles a way.Due to Minnies past history we did not want to attempt to box her. Minnie a chestnut shetland pony came to us 5 years ago, along with her 2 weeks old foal whom we named Georgie Girl.Her history is a tragic one, sold from one home to another, abused and tormented by her last owner, giving birth to a foal which was seen dead besides her at a horse sale, having another foal and finally rescued by a compassionate woman on Merseyside who brought them to us. We decided to keep them here for life as we did not want Minnie to suffer ever again, she is still incredibly shy of humans though her daughter is outgoing and mischievous having never know anything but kindness in her life.What a difference a good start in life makes to the temperament and confidence in any animal.Pictured here when they first arrived (no work was done that day, she was the first foal to arrive here and we were all fascinated and awed by her)and a recent photo of them.As you can see Georgie is now bigger than her mum.
The new colt Finn truly is neglected, we have been trying to groom some of the matted coat off him but I have had to buy some horse clippers to get rid of the matted bits underneath him.Underneath his winter coat he is a bag of bones, his hip bones are jutting out and there is no fat on him at all. We could not get a straight answer from the owner about the death of the colts mother so he must have been without any decent nutrition for some time.I will take some photos of him on Monday when we plan to finish the clipping,unfortunately this weekend we dont have enough staff .Now he is wormed he should start to look better too.
Great news, little Carlos the 10 years old Jack Russell has gone to a new home, we were all so pleased to see him go, he is such a lovely little dog and deserved to find someone to appreciate him.All the Jack russells we have had lately have beeen really sweet natured, not the usual hyperactive, noisy terriers they so often seem to be.I was just starting to think maybe I would keep him(yes another one got to me!)when this home turned up.
Gel the collie that had spent his life chained and miserable has an offer of a home in Epping Forest but now we find he has a problem with his hips.He is having an xray on Tuesday to try to find out what exactly is wrong with him.We have been a bit concerned at the way he walks and his occasional knocking into things, at first we suspected he had a problem with his eyesight but now it appears to be something to do with his back legs when they wobble. I hope this will not mean he will lose this good home.If it is something serious perhaps he is the dog I should keep!I will do so if the prospective owners do not want to take him on though I would prefer he had a real home of his own.
Bonnie foxhound is getting worse, her bin scavenging seems to be at all time high and she is even wandering next door to raid their bin, wandering dogs are a no no in this area so I hope she stops this behaviour, how does one stop a dog from doing this, She has never forgotten her days of hunger and I can cope with our bins being ripped open although it is extremely annoying but i dont think Nia and Andrew next door will be too happy about their bins being raided.
Visitors brought the pigs some cream crackers today, they love these and tomatoes and bananas are a great favourite too.They live for their food, perhaps that why I can empathise with them, Id like to think it is because of that and not because of a similarity of body shape!

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I don't comment on your every post but i wanted you to know i read them and love you for who you are!!