Monday, 1 June 2009

A dilemma to solve.

The kitten season has well and truly got under way now.We admitted another mum and babies found in someones shed, mum is adorable and of course it goes without saying that the babies are too.Mion is fostering yet another mum and newborn babies though she still has one little family which will be ready to be adopted in a couple of weeks. There will be another mum and babies arriving this week unless I can find another suitable foster home.
There has been an enquiry for Meg the lurcher and I am torn, I dont know what to do, on one hand I have fallen in love with her(and its mutual) but she seems to need more attention than I can give her, she would be happier with someone who could have her with them in the evening, and I have to split my big dogs and littlies, the old terriers who share my living room would not cope with her boisterousness, at 8years she is more like 8 months.Another possibility for the job of Mollys permanent companion is Charley who has been admitted and is settling in with the big house dogs. He is 9 years old, his owner is in a home and today Rosie and Vanessa spent over an hour taking off some of the wild and woolly coat he had(see picture)As Molly and Trixie the last old retriever we had were such good friends, maybe he is "the one"? It all depends on whether he seeems happy with Molly and whether his neediness for humans is too great ,I spend most of my time in the evening with the smaller dogs and this is not ideal for many dogs.I am in and out all the time but dogs like Meg clearly want to be cuddled up on the sofa with someone.It is a dilemma and Molly desperately needs that constancy of having a permanent companion in her life.
Today I had a meeting with George the fundraiser for Freshfields Liverpool who is helping to organise our first Open Day in Wales (which is filling me with terror, what if nobody turns up?)George, Barry and I made some inroads into the planning of the day, we have decided(well they did!) that in the evening we will have a Ceilidh and sell tickets. We know a few artistes who we are planning to ask to perform, bales of straw for seating should add to the rural scene.I am so scared that neither will be a success, I felt the same all those years ago when we held the first open day there.That has always drawn a big crowd but will it be the same in Wales?

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