Monday, 8 June 2009

More kittens and farm dogs.

A new floor is being put down in our indoor menage which is posh speak for our agricultural building!Actually it is the same floor as an indoor menage but it is not used as one here.This is our winter quarters for 2 groups of ponies and there has been an ongoing problem with the drainage .The top layer of sand is being put down today, as soon as it is completed we will start painting the interior doors.Not for us a breeze block building, the sides are instead comprised of dozens of old holiday camp heavy wooden doors.All numbered! All our vistors find this highly amusing. The fact is we could not afford the breeze blocks at the time and we desperately needed the building to be finished so our horses could have shelter from the extreme weather conditions we were experiencing and we were offered these doors at a cheap price. They do the job perfectly though we are used to comments about the numbers not being in order but as no postman will be delivering here and the horses cannot read all complaints and comments will be duly ignored.
Yesterday Mei and I collected 2 mother cats and their kittens plus an adult cat from the same family group in Anglesey (see photos of the two mums and babies, one photo looks as if the cat has no ears, she has honestly!) Its Just my poor photography) Then 2 little ones were thrown over Vanessas garden fence this morning.,When she brought them in it was clear one had a major problem with his back legs.I am not hopeful about the outcome, a vet will be seeing him later. It may be that the injury was caused by the abandonment or maybe it was born that way though I seriously doubt it would have survived this long had that been the case.Poor little creature.
Also pictured are the dogs from the farm in Machynlleth.They are both in poor condition, the male Roy is very thin indeed but quite friendly, the longhaired female Meg is a bundle of nerves, a very shy little dog with a dull matted coat.Both are extremely neglected.What can I say that I havent said before?

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