Saturday, 13 June 2009

Helga, Another longtermer finds a home.

A very busy day today, there have been reservations made for the two farm dogs, Meg and Roy.Charley retriever has left us for his new home on Merseyside and I just know he is going to be a very spoiled dog.His new owner Paula has spent a fortune on him already, even a car window protection guard!!! Just in case he hurts himself on the open window! He is definitely going to be ruined which is great.He deserves it. His new "dad" Mark is a remarkable man and although I usually ramble on about animals I have to say something about him because he impressed me so much with his strength of character and personality.I hope he will not mind me writing about him.To understand why I was so impressed you need to read about him so look up his website I have already sent away for his book and cant wait to read it, all my friends will be receiving a copy for Christmas!
Todays most uplifting moment came when Helga was chosen for a new life Helga a beautiful grey semi feral cat has been here two long years . So many people have admired Helga but her nervousness has put people off taking her, they have come to see her and ended up taking other cats.This time she was in luck.She was very nervous being put into the cat carrier and as I told her new people, there is no guarantee she will become a loving domestic cat but there is a chance and they told me they are willing to give her this chance. Wonderful! We have been so lucky recently with the rehoming of the long term cats, heres hoping it ocntinues.
I remembered what the butterflies were - Painted Ladies.These pretty butterflies are everywhere at the moment yet I did not see one on the property last year.There is no doubt the balance of nature has been vastly disturbed with climate change, so many things are changing, a few years ago when I lived at the Liverpool shelter there was a year when there were literally millions of ladybirds on bushes everywhere, I see very few here now.When I first moved here there were hundreds of frogs around, now there are very few of them to be seen.I saw an albino badger one evening, havent seen a live one since and I never see hedgehogs here.I saw more wildlife in Liverpool which seems at odds with the lack of wildlife in the rural location where I now live. i thought I would see much more in this area. At least we have the buzzards here and of course the Osprey family near Porthmadog.There are otters somewhere locally but I have yet to see one.That would be a real treat.

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