Sunday, 21 June 2009

A short entry for the Longest day!

3 kittens have been reserved today and all for the same home!Yippee! Maude has been collected and the new dog from yesterday spent the night quietly in my living room. The Maggie Marthas and Suzy paid her no attention whatsoever though Cariad cat had a bit of a hissy fit with her which gave her quite a shock.After that she retreated to a corner of the room and settled down as though she was exhausted.No doubt she was, the Railway staff said she had been pacing up and down since early morning .She appears to be another farm dog, has the same demeanour and behaviour patterns of the majority which we see .From her body shape I would say she has had several litters of pups, she is underweight etc etc.I am always repeating myself with the same descriptions of these dogs but truthfully they are more or less the same so there is not much I can change.We have named this one Nell, she is a shortcoated collie, with tricolour markings.
We checked on the three horses that went to their seaside home , they look as though they have lived there all their lives.No problems there.Although the people who live at this property have promised to keep an eye on them we will be going regularly to ensure all is well, as we do with the others. The grass is shooting up on the fields which have been fertilised, this week the horses here will be able to go back in them and have a good feast.
This a very short entry because I have a bad headache today and I am ending the day early which is a little ironic seeing as this is the longest day of the year. Not for me it isnt! Today will be the shortest day I have had for a very long time.

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