Thursday, 9 July 2009

cats everywhere and Thandi gets stronger

I am back!
A bolt of lightening hit my computer and have only just got it all back up and running.It has taken me all day just reading and dealing with emails sent during that period.Anyhow to get up to date.The Liverpool shelter has had its annual Open Day, it was quieter than usual, maybe because the date coincided with the last day of Wimbledon but it was good to see some familiar faces from both the present and the past and everytbody seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Our own Open day is looming up and there seems to be so much to do and organise, I feel sure I have left out important things but I have written a list of "to do" jobs and am working through it gradually.There appears to be a lot of interest so I am hopeful it will be a success.Heres hoping the weather will be good on that date.
Thandi the German Shepherd truly has her feet under the table now, her legs are becoming much stronger as the muscles build up. from being able to just potter about, she is now running and keeping up with the others during their field exercise.She is a different animal and she even looks younger(clearly there is something in this so I have started up my running again in the hope that I too will shed some years!!!)
Every day now is bringing more and more calls asking us to take in mother cats and kittens.We have them everywhere, all the pens are full - we are homing a few but not enough to make room for all those waiting for places.We have some real beauties this year, all shades, ginger, grey and pure white.The latter were born a few days ago to a pretty little stray white cat found in Trawsfynydd, she came in ready to give birth and we worrried the trauma of being abandoned and then the journey here might result in her rejecting her babies but she is proving to be a devoted mum.
Another feline family consisted of three healthy youngsters but one little female who almost looked like a downs syndrome kitten if there could be such a thing.Little Bunty as she is now named has gone to be fostered until we find out if there is anything seriously wrong with her.
Yesterday I went to collect a stray cat a few miles from the shelter.When scanned with the reader it was discovered that he was microchipped so we were able to trace the owner - who did not want him back! The story given was that she asked a friend to bring the cat here to Freshfields and she thought the cat was here until she received the call from the microchip company. When she rang her friend , she admitted to her that the cat escaped from the car when she stopped to clean out his basket!!! Strange then that she failed to report him missing, inform us or the cats owner! It doesnt quite ring true does it.Poor Thomas, he was very distressed but is settling down nicely now. 2 young adult cats were admitted this morning, they were found when a new tenant moved in to a house in LLanberis, the previous owner had left them behind.Thisn is such a regular occurrence in these parts, does this happen a lot in other areas I wonder? I dont recall this happening quite as much on Merseyside but perhaps it did and I just dont remember.
As I am just about to finish todays entry a car has pulled up and yes - more kittens!This time however, a young woman has trapped three ferals by hand and is happy to trap the adult cats which are congregating around her neighbours garden There are 2 young children in her car and a young dog which has just been spayed. She is appalled that these cats are being left to breed and is more than pleased to be able to help with the problem.What a change it is to meet someone who shows such responsibility not only towards her own animals but others as well.To cap it all she has offered to volunteer here after she finishes work in the morning!
Pictured are some of the cats and kittens recently admitted and Thandi and Meg on a walk.

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