Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Teg crossing the finishing line.

Little Wilf(pictured here) is proving to be one of the sweetest dogs ever.iT is hard to undersatnd how he came to be wandering about in his condition.I think he has a very small amount of vision but he is most certainly deaf.He doesnt appear to want to go far from me, he goes outside to the garden, potters about for a few minutes, does what he has to do and then is desperate to come back into the house again.Had he been in a better physical condition(his coat was very dirty and matted) I would have expected a distraught owner to have turned up by now but somehow I think he is here to stay unless I find someone willing to take on an ancient little terrier.
The RSPCA matter has been resolved.It appears someone complained about the scarring on Freddies body,The inspector seemed to think he had been attacked but I assured him these were old scars from his collisions with cars when he lived in Jersey long before he came into our care.The complainant also mentioned the ragwort that had sprung up round the edge of the field., What a pity she did not knock at the door of the house to find out about the horses and she would have been told someone came once a week to sort out any such problems.We have cleared all we could find this week but if we have more rain more will shoot up, it isnt always possible to get it up by the roots and it spreads so rapidly.I feel mortified about this because I would never leave this weed growing in any field where horses graze but I cant be there every single day. When we are not there the home owner watches over them and one of her daughters also helps us keep the weeds at bay.This past week she has been away which didnt help.Im sure the lady who did this did so out of real concern for the horses so I will try not to take it personally.It is better people take notice than ignore but why is it that genuinely neglected animals seem to be overlooked? Over the years I have reported many real cases of neglect and yet often weeks later the situation remains the same.Mystifying!
Anyhow the three horses in question are bonny and content though I think we need to put a sign on the gate warning people not to trespass.
I am truly dreading the Open Day, what if nobody turns up? What if there is torrential rain, what if , what if!!! We are all sort of looking forward to it but apprehensive too. It is only a few days away now, it seems only a few weeks ago that we decided to have this event, how quickly the time seems to pass. I need lots of positive thoughts sent this way to keep the day dry and warm.The local paper said they would rectify the mistake they made stating that it was to be held on Saturday and not Sunday. It DEFINITELY IS SUNDAY.
Anyhow tomorrow will be another day of tidying up and final;ising arrangements with the staff and volunteers.We had a new volunteer who turned up today with an offer to help and he worked really hard, exactly what we need right now.I hope it doesnt put him off and he returns to help another day.

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