Thursday, 23 July 2009

A Garden Tiger comes to visit.

Poor old Bonnie foxhound has been in the wars today, we think maybe one of the cats scratched her, she has had to have stitches in her eyelid and is very sorry for herself.No doubt she was doing her usual scavenging trick and tried to help herself to a bowl of catfood put out for the ferals.Thankfully the eye itself is not damaged.
It has been a lovely mild day today, no rain and even a bit of sun- a real treat lately!
Barbara spotted a beautiful moth and called me to have a look, we identified it as a Garden Tiger(see photo)A visitor arrived to see one of our animals and found us both sprawled out on the grass trying to get a better look at the moth.."Looks interesting" he said but I think really what he meant was "what kind of place is this where the staff are grovelling around on the ground looking at insects?"
It has been a hive of activity here, I have managed at the very last minute to find an outside caterer to supply us with Baguettes and Quiches for the Open Day.We were let down over the use of a mobile snack bar so this is a huge relief.One of the stables has been converted into a temporary bookshop thanks to Rosie and her mum who have worked hard to get this stall up and ready.Barbara has been clearing the paddock where the stalls will be laid out and finalising details for her photo stall(she will be taking photos on request and making keyrings etc out of them)
Gail and RHian are busy tidying up the cattery in between feeding and cleaning, as is Teg and volunteers Kaz and Judy. John our handyman is finishing repairing the fencing along the track which was rotted and falling down but has been sidetracked to put together a basketball game for the children.It took him and Teg a fair bit of time to work out the instructions which as usual were written for people with membership to MENSA.I mustnt forget veronica my new book keeper who has added to her CV, the ability to organise a tombola and to act in an advisory capacity to a very stressed Open Day organiser(ME!)
Meirwen has struggled to work today as she has hurt her wrist carrying boxes of petfood and she is in a lot of pain, I am taking her to A&E tomorrow morning.In spite of this she has managed to exercise the dogs but I have a bad feeling that she has done more than strain her wrist.Tomorrow will tell.
I wish we had some more volunteers for the general tidying, it is taking so long with just a couple of helpers working themselves into the ground.Will we get it done in time for Sunday?

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