Thursday, 16 July 2009

Does anyone want an Ostrich?

Well dear Thandi has gone off to her foster home,Rhian took her there and said if she settles well that she could have a fabulous home for life so heres hoping.I did not want to see her go, I still feel I have failed her somehow.She was so happy with me but now she has gone I have to admit that the equilibrium has been restored and Meg is back to her old self so it was clearly not meant to be.
Pictured is Roy, the kelpie returned, he is such a nice natured dog,I am sure we will soon find the right home for him.He may chew and he may not be house trained but there are many people who take on dogs like this and cope so I am very hopeful.The main thing is that he has such an equable temperament.
2 little black kittens have been reserved today so they are starting to move albeit slowly though I am receiving many calls about mums and babies and I simply cannot find the space for any more at the moment.One lady rang me 48 hours before she moved house, she wanted me to take 2 cats and 2 collies.When I explained that |I had neither space nor funds at the moment to pay for neutering (none of the animals had been done) she simply hung up! That made me feel awful,I want to help all the animals I hear about but I am trying to pay off the current vets bill and at the moment I need owners to compromise and help out with the expenses.It may not sound an unreasonable request but although many people will not do without their beer or cigarette money and even holidays they seem loathe to give a donation for their pets to come here. A dilemma indeed! Do I continue to take them in and receive no help therefore running up an enormous vets bill or do I try to be sensible and draw the line when funds dry up.The latter is the obvious answer but it can be so hard to do when there are so many animals out there in need of help and shelter.All I can do is prioritise, the strays and injured and abused have to come first and anything I believe to be in danger.
Who would have this job??
Did I mention that I have been asked to find a home for an Ostrich? Not the usual request I receive but its true, there is a 15 years old Ostrich in need of a permanent home.This is no easy task, they can live a very long time and to keep one of these birds a Licence has to be obtained.So far I have come up against a brick wall so if anybody out there knows a safe place for this boy to live out his days please let me know.NO Ostrich farms please! I believe he is currently on a half acre paddock with shelter, it crossed my mind to offer him a home but I dont feel we have the necessary facilities and expertise and of course I would be concerned for the safety of my dogs, not to mention the staff who have no experience of this sort of creature.I will keep trying to find him a home.
The young rabbit admitted is a nice little thing but will have to be neutered and then we need to find him a companion so he will have a friend to groom and do all the things rabbits do(except the obvious because as mentioned he will be neutered first)
The Vet and Dentist came to anaesthetise Blue to sort out his teeth but unfortunately the vet forgot tell us to refrain from giving him his medication that morning because it would act adversely with the anaesthetic!! In a nutshell Blue was not knocked out so the operation could not go ahead, so frustrating when he is losing weight and badly needs his teeth fixing.He is managing to eat but until this op is done he will not improve. The next available slot in Andres calendar is a week on Friday, it was a waste of his and our time and I am very annoyed.This should not have happened.Poor old Blue.


pamela said...

I would like to thank you for this blog Lesley. I look forward to reading it daily!! Now Id like to beg all the other people who read and enjoy this, to PLEASE help you get somewhere with your online fundraising .So far it looks pathetic, only 5 donations so far!!! Come on folks, I know its a pain forking out, but honestly the 'Just giving' page for Tegids run is EASY. I found that if the page doesnt load, you can tick to allow temporary popups. Its just long enough to donate and then your blocker is automatically back on!! I dont know whether the race is over, but the vet bills obviously arent!! Please please,wherever you hail from-- lets have a go at hitting the target asap. I can only imagine what it must feel like to not only have the stress of dealing with desperate animal situations but to also be scared stiff wondering whether there'll be money next week to buy their food !! Lets pay for the comfort we get from reading about these saved animals.

lesley said...

Thanks Pamela, that was a lovely message and much appreciated.
It HAS been disappointing, the response to Tegs sponsored run has not been great. A few of us will be going Tomorrow to cheer him as he passes the finishing ine,I know he has been training hard in between working here and he rteally wanted to help raise funds for us.
Best wishes,