Sunday, 12 July 2009

Roy is returned

A dog was returned this morning which caused major problems.Although part of the adoption agreement states that if the new owner no longer wants the animal, the charity will happily take it back but please give notice!!!There was no notice given and in the month the man had the dog we had received not one call to say that he was having problems.All our foster homes are fulkl so we have had to try him with Bonnie foxhound and Gel the middle aged collie who quite regularly takes exceptions to other dogs.So far so good but it is very annoying when people show so little consideration.The dog Roy has had a sad life chained up on a farm and the main complaint was that he suffered from seperation anxiety.When it was suggested an indoor kennel would have helped he said he didnt believe in them.Well what is better for the dog, the kennel or being returned to eke out his days in an animal shelter? Regarding the indoor kennels, at one time I too was not so happy with the idea of shutting away a dog ion this way.Then I adopted an elderly very grumpy dog Cindy, from the Liverpool shelter.Cindy was a total nightmare to live with, she hated the other dogs and they were too frightened to walk past her.I started putting her in the kennel so she could watch them and realise they would not hurt her and eventually I started leaving the door open.To the end of her days, this was her "safe House" and it became her favourite sleeping place.I am now a convert though I do not approve of them being used to lock dogs away for long periods of time.Used correctly and appropriately they can make a dog feel more secure and make the owners life easier too.Pictured is Cindy in her indoor kennel, this was taken 6 months before she died of old age related problems.
More kittens have been brought in, will it ever end? The white mother cat is now reserved and we had an injured ginger and white cat admitted - he will need to go the vet first thing in the morning, he appears to have had a run in with a car and is shocked and tramatised by his ordeal.We have scanned him for a microchip but nothing showed up.Such a shame more people do not use this method of identification for their pets.We reunite so many with their owners but many times owners give up looking for their pets after weeks go by and often the animals we take in have been wandering for months.It is brilliant to be able to find their owners so easily and most are thrilled to have their pets back.
Blue, one of the Anglesey horses has been losing weight and we have had to call out the vet again.Today our wonderful equine dentist Andre came to see him also and he will be back Tuesday having found the cause of Blues problem - there are two gaps either side of his mouth where food is compacting and causing infection.He will need an anaesthetic so Andre can make a hole for the food to pass through. Poor Blue is in pain and is on pain killers until the problem can be sorted out.These ponies from the anglesey home have been through so much and cost us literally thousand of pounds.Although they are all so much better healthwise, they still require a great deal of specialist treatment . Our vet and dentist are putting together reports so we have proof of the sheer neglect these horses suffered.The previous owner is still harassing us with threats of court appearances because she wants her animals back and she believes they were in perfect health when she had them in her care. !!!! If only!
For some reason I am unable to post a photo of Roy the returned dog,I am havin so much trouble with the computer at the moment, it is becoming very temperamental.

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