Monday, 20 July 2009

Teg completes Snowdon Run

The day dawned of the annual Snowdon Run and thankfully the rain stayed off for the run to go ahead. I had never been before and was astounded to see thousands of people in Llanberis,it was really hard to find a parking place and because of that we missed the beginning but at least were there to see Teg cross the finishing line in a time of 1 hour and thirty minutes.He still looked as though he could run a few more miles!!! What amazing stamina, we raised £250 with online and offline donations so a big thank you to Teg. Tragically, one of the runners died just before reaching the summit,my heart goes out to his family waiting to cheer him back, how dreadful for them.
2 of the ginger kittens have been found a home together and Sam the border collie has also gone.A little old blind dog has been admitted today, he is in the house with the Maggie Marthas who have barely bothered to ackowledge him, he is an amiable little dog who poses no threat to them.This little old man is pretty ancient if his teeth are anything to go by, when found his coat was matted and dirty and the lady who found him has bathed him and cut off the worst of his matted coat.He is a cheerful little dog, no collar or ID of course and with the general poor condition of him when found, it is certain nobody will come forward to claim him. I have named him Wilf as he looks very much like Wilf, another small dog I rescued many years ago.
Well the staff are working all out to get the place looking good for Sundays Open Day, the activity round the property has increased a hundredfold this past week and I still cannot imagine it all coming together.The local paper got the details wrong so I had a panic - they wrote that the forthcoming event was on saturday!!!! Also that we had dog obedience classes!!! I am hoping they will place a small article rectifying these crucial mistakes in this weeks Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald.Otherwise we will have people turning up on the wrong day accompanied by highly trained dogs expecting something akin to "One man and his dog" !Yes there will be a dog show but it is highly doubtful that the majority of canine entrants will be auditioning as stand ins for Lassie!
I went to check on our 3 horses in Caernarfon and they looked marvellous though some ragwort had sprung up again round the edges of their field.The recent rains have caused it to shoot up - I picked a little but did not have any gloves so will return tomorrow.However as I was leaving I found an RSPCA card tucked down the side of the gate requesting the owner of the horses to get in touch? Someone has reported us! I can only think it is because of the ragwort but this is picked regularly, we visit the horses once a week and the owners whose house adjoins the field also have helped in this area. I went to talk to the house owner but no inspector had been there to question them, so I cannot understand why someone has complained about our beautiful animals. As I write this the Inspector has not returned my call, I feel very upset.I am almost evangelical about ragwort in horses fields and we keep on top of this problem unlike many horse owners in this area and others.Every week we pull up by the roots any we see in the fields, maybe it isnt that at all but either way I feel mortified that anyone would think our loved and cossetted horses are not being cared for!Surely the Inspectors have better things to do though in fairness they have to follow up any complaints made. More of this tomorrow.

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