Friday, 17 July 2009

Jacks story

Just before I came back online, I took in a patterdale terrier which had been given away to a man who said that the dog was dirty in the house and had bitten him and his wife, if we did not take him he would have him put to sleep! This man had only had the day a few days and was quite emphatic this dog was dangerous.Anyhow we took him, Rosie fostered him and she had no trouble with him at all so we decided he was able to be put up for adoption.We were fortunate enought to find someone interested in Jack and so he has gone off to his new home in Anglesey.I have just had an email from the lady who tells me that Jack has absolutely NO aggression in him at all, he is perfectly house trained and she feels as though by adopting him she has won the lottery!! This is a perfect example how an animal behaves differently with different people.My feeling is that Jack is a slightly nervous dog and the other person was a dominant type of character who believed that a dog should "know its place" and instead of trying to make the dog feel at home and secure,it is likely he raised his voice and attempted to dominate Jack.The new owner has had years of expertise with rescued dogs and is clearly the better and more experienced and kind owner.One should never attempt to enforce discipline upon an animal traumatised in new surroundings. What they need is a calm, kind atmosphere which will give them time to settle and feel safe again. I am so thrilled for Jack, I feel that I too have won the lottery in finding him this home.
Another litter of kittens has come in, they were taken to our vet to be destroyed, 3 lovely little tabbies, still hissing and spitting(they have a feral mum) but they are young enough to domesticate, there will be a vast difference in them within a few days.Then we need some homes for these and all the other little beauties. A coiuple of our ferals from the enclosure had a break out yesterday , there had been a tear in the wire of the enclosure which we have since repaired but not before 6 escaped and made their bid for freedom.As luck would have it they had all been here long enough to regard this as their home so all but one returned for food and I have seen the remaining escapee around.he will probably either return to the encolsure or join the family of ferals living loose round the shelter.Either way it is not the end of the world.I just dont want any more permanent "loosies" as we have around 40 already.
Barbara is having a Freshfields stall at the Osprey centre near Porthmadog , this is on saturday and sunday so hope the weather improves. If this rain continues there is a possibility Tegs Snowdon Race will be postponed.The response to his sponsorship has been disappointing, we have only raised about £150 altogether , is this the first sign of the recession? He has been training so hard for it, he will be very disappointed if the race does not go ahead. Mei , Vanessa and I are going to cheer him as he crosses the finishing line , the race begins at 2 so we have arranged cover for the afternoon to allow us time to do this. Fingers crossed the weather does not let us down this weekend(not to mention the next with the open day)

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Have you tried the Zoo for the ostrich?