Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The dogs have a scrap and Meg goes to the vet.

After getting on so well Thandi and Meg have had a fight and poor Meg has had to have stitches in her neck.Thandi did not start it but she is much stronger than Meg so she came off better in the scrap.This means that very regretfully I will have to home one or the other and as Meg Lurcher is older and less homeable,Thandi will need to go.I feel very upset about this having believed both dogs were equable natured and had settled well.The trouble seems to be that Thandi wants to play with Meg all the time and she simply cannot be bothered so when she becomes bored with Thandis overtures of friendship she turns and nips.Thandi took one nip too many and retaliated.She will be going to a foster home in the morning.
At the moment Meg is separated from the other dogs and is reclining on the bed in my bedroom!I hope she doesnt get a taste for that, there is little enough room for me, William and the occasional cat!
A bit of wildlife news, yesterday there were dozens of ladybirds about, first I have seen round the property this year and also a lovely fat little toad was found hiding under a stack of wood.He was safely removed and placed away from the cats near the stream at the foot of the land.However, the best news is that we have a woodpecker about, Mei saw him clinging to our telegraph pole near the bird tree so perhaps he has been helping himself to the peanuts? I have only ever seen a Great spotted woodpecker just one time before and that was on a tree at the Liverpool shelter several years ago.
The ginger and white cat we thought had been hit by a car had underlying problems and sadly he had to be put down, nobody has telephoned to report him lost even though he was a friendly handsome and well cared for cat.There is time yet, sometimes people dont ring here until their cat is missing for several days as some cats have a tendency to wander off for short holidays(though I have never had a cat do this)Personally I would be on the phone ringing everywhere if an animal had been missing more than a few hours!
One grey middle aged cat which was admitted several days ago was claimed by its owner yesterday though as I explained to her- if the cat remained unneutered this was going to continue happening.Think of all the offspring this cat has helped produce over the years,anyhow I think my plea did not go unheeded and I am hopeful that cat will be soon taking a trip to the vet.
A young rabbit has been admitted, he was found in a field and rescued by a caring lady who also took him to the vet to have him checked over.The poor little bunny had overgrown teeth which needed clipping and overgrown nails.Undoubtedly he was rescued in the nick of time, with his badly formed teeth he would have never survived.Of course now is the problem finding an owner to take him on with what will be an ongoing problem.Some rabbits need their teeth trimming very regularly and this can mean frequent trips to the vet .It is a more common problem than you would think.It could be that was the reason his owner abandoned him- sooner than pay a hefty vet bill.He is a lovely little rabbit, very friendly and easy to handle and at least he is safe now.I will take a photo of him soon.There have been so many cats admitted I am way behind taking photos of the new arrivals and I need to set some time aside over the next few days.Placing the photos on the website and other sites can mean finding more homes so it is something I should keep up with but often other jobs pop up and I get sidetracked.

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