Saturday, 20 June 2009

Thandi has her life saving operation

On Friday we moved the three horses Callie, Freddy and Ken to their summer fields.A few of us went to help because the horse box had to stop and unload on the busy caernarfon Road and we were worried that there might be an accident if the traffic was not held up. Mei, Vanessa, Cariad and I followed the horsebox in my 4x4 but as it happened the horses were unloaded quietly and without any problems . the girls walked the 3 down to the house at the bottom of a lane leading to their temporary home
I know I should not feel envious of someone elses home but I could have happily stayed there and not returned home! Perhaps I should make a suggestion that it would be better for the horses if I stayed with them for the summer!The horses made themselves at home immediately in the 4 acres .There is plenty of shelter in the way of mature trees and it is right next to the sea, a truly fantastic setting, I had to drag myself away.
The three dogs, Moss, Meg and Roy have all been collected by their new people,it is undoubtedly the best part of this job watching these once neglected farm dogs leave for a life of comparable luxury.I just love seeing the happy expressions on their faces, so different from when they arrive.I will never become blase about it,it is something which will always touch my heart
I am a little bothered that the latest newsletter will not be ready in time to advertise the Liverpool open day and the Open garden in Criccieth on the same date - July 5th.I never seem to get the timing right.Each year the same happens.I need to start writing it much earlier next year.
On her day off Barbara went to visit the RSPB site near Porthmadog to see the Ospreys amd their chicks . There will be an Open Day there on saturday July 18th and we are going to have a stall there which Barbara has offered to run for us. Hopefully some local supporters will be able to attend that event if not the others.Or maybe they will support them all which would be excellent.
The Police have just rung about a stray dog near a railway line in Caernarfon, it is a youngish collie and he/she has been there since 8am this morning.Roy lives near the town so he has dashed off to try and locate him before the dog has an accident or wanders on to the line itself. We often receive calls from the police at weekends.With no dog warden working over this period they are often in a quandary and turn to us for help, as with Theo and Thandi last weekend. This why it is so important for us to have emergency "foster " homes.Theo is still overexciteable but full of love and happiness .He just needs to put on weight and be in a home as soon as possible Thandi(pictured with Mei) has recovered well from her emergency spay operation and is so contented and happy, she is still not showing signs of being remotely house trained which makes me feel that maybe she has been locked in a shed and been unable to get out to do her toilet.Most chained dogs seem to be quick at the house training, if not immediately clean so the general feeling here is that she has had restricted movement for some time and that has caused the muscles to waste away in her back legs, her front legs also are quite stiff and this is far from normal for a dog of her age.Each day she is a little more livelier and has even had a bit of a play with the other dogs though if they seem too rough she immediately backs away.
Not much cat news this weekend though the pretty little longhaired tortie kitten has gone, she is the sister of the tabby with the nerve damage who incidentally is showing some signs of improvement in her foster home,We are still hopeful she will make a full recovery. Maude the cat with the benign tumours is going to a home on Sunday, she is a lovely cat and one we have all become very fond of. Some have such appealing personalities and Maude is one of those.It is so heartening when people choose an animal which has little appeal to the majority of people who come looking for pets.Having said that I do not blame those who want a young healthy pet, not everybody can cope with an animal with problems and sometimes they have only just got over the loss of a dearly loved pet, they dont want the same to happen again so soon.

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