Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dilemma solved - Meg stays.

I have made my decision, Meg is going to be staying with me as a permanent member of the household.I sat in the garden today to have my lunch and whilst watching her having a snooze in the shade(pictured here) I realised I could not face parting with her.She is 9 years old and although I feel she would be better off in another home, she is a lot happier than in her last home where she was kept outside permanently and was a working dog.She seemed happy when I told her that she was staying, well she wagged her tail a lot and showered me with kisses.
Charley has already had an offer of a home, within minutes of advertising him I had a call from a lady on Merseyside so a homecheck is being done this week.Its not surprising, he is a stunning looking dog and has a lovely nature too. What more could anyone want?
Melba, One of the ponies out in summer grazing has developed sweet itch which at this time of year can be very irritating, its caused by midges and this year there seem to be more than usual around.here at the shelter we are not troubled greatly but in the other fields there are lots of trees and the midges are abundant.The girls are going there today to start her treatment.
A last minute decision has been made today , we are having a companion dog show at the open day, Rhian is organising it as she has had experience in this area, the schedules are already being printed and Kennel Club licence applied for.So now we have a dog show, a dog obedience display(not my dogs Im afraid!) a Celidh in the evening, what next? For a first Open Day I think this is enough,I cant even imagine being ready in time but I am assured all will be well,I hope so.
A pretty little grey and white neutered cat has been admitted, he was a stray for just a few days but he was found on a country estate and the gamekeeper was threating to shoot him.Obviously he need to be removed from there immediately but I have a feeling he belongs to someone and may not even have been lost. We will advertise him in the area and see if it brings a response.
I had a call about 3 emaciated horses and went to try to locate them in order to take photographs to send the Inspector at the World Horse Welfare, however I was unable to find the field so He will need to meet the person who complained and she will have to take him there.What makes this case even worse is that the same person reported 2 young boys aged about 10 years chasing the animals round the field with rusty heavy chains.One of the horses was a mare with a 2 weeks old foal at foot!
. I am pleased to say that the complainant knew the names of the boys and where they lived so heres hoping they will get a visit though nowadays it seems children are notin the least intimidated by authoritarian figures. What kind of parents bring up boys who are capable of such cruelty?


pamela said...

Im sure it will be brilliant. You just need the weather on your side, and extremely good signposting from the main road!!!

lesley said...

point taken, however council wont allow signs, nor will neighbours though have managed to get one to agree!!