Thursday, 4 June 2009

2 more longterm cats find a home .

The day has begun and (almost) ended on a positive note.First good news is that Charley Retrievers homecheck on Merseyside has passed with flying colours. Then just a few minutes ago I received a call from someone in Anglesey who believed the grey and white cat might be his which had been missing for two months.I have sent him a photo via email and he has replied, he is absolutely over the moon , it is definitely his cat Simba.He will be collecting him in the morning. They must have felt after this length of time the outcome would not be a happy one but sometimes cats do wander, even neutered ones and cats have been known to travel even further afield and still eventually find their way home.
Rosie is fostering a lovely red and white collie called Moss. This 3 years old collie is bad with sheep so has been chained up on a farm for quite sometime(not sure how long)He is a very submissive little dog and very underweight but very pretty.He craves affection and somehow I do not think he will be homeless for very long. I could not resist taking the photo of him hiding his face in Vanessas arms, he did not want his photo taken and became very coy.
Our newsletter has gone to the printer today, whilst I was there I ordered some xmas cards to be printed with assorted photos of our dogs in the snow, there will of course be a lovely one of William included(how could he be left out when he is so beautiful?) I can almost hear the bored sighs of my staff as they read that! They are just jealous I own such a wonderful dog!
Another lovely dog is in need of a home.Meg is 12 months old and her owner has moved and was unable to take her.She is a sweet natured animal, this is always a relief, it makes it so much easier to find a suitable home. Its the Bradleys of this world which worry us.Remember the big grey shaggy Briard type dog we admitted? somehow I think he will become a permanent resident.There is something about him that makes us all feel that we need to be careful with him, his growliness continues though he has never done anything more and off the lead he is wonderful and well behaved.He is certainly not ready to be rehomed, if ever. That remains to be seen.Its a pity he is not good with other dogs either and as for cats, well I would not trust him at all.He has put me in a bit of a quandary.maybe he will improve or we may bring in a dog behavourist.
I have someone here from Cheshire looking at cats and they may, just may, be choosing a longterm cat.I have left them alone to decide, fingers crossed! I must go now to see if they have reached a decision so will write about it tomorrow.
Changed my mind because i am so delighted,guess what , they have chosen not one but two longtermers.Ellie who is all black and has been here for nearly 2 years and Dolly a dark tortoishell who has been at the shelter for almost a year. That makes three longtermers gone this week, counting Ruby who went to Stoke. It is the best feeling knowing they are leaving us, not because I dont like them but because I want the best for all of the animals here and the best is a home of their own.

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