Saturday, 6 June 2009

Charley meets his new owners today

It has been torrential rain and blowing a gale here all day, its like a winters day, the cattery heaters have had to be put on again and the house central heating too is back on.A few of the older ponies have been brought in to have a warm and to get dried off so we can put their rugs back on them. I am so cold myself, I keep going in the house to put on an extra layer of clothing.I started off this morning with shorts and a tshirt, I ended up with thermals(top and bottom, such an attractive sight!)2 jumpers and a big fleece on top and im STILL freezing.
Charleys prospective owners came today to meet him but due to work commitments are unable to take him until next saturday.The meeting went off well though they were late getting here having been stuck in a traffic jam for hours(so frustrating).There appeared to be a great deal of mutual admiration taking place.Charley is a bit of a cupboard love type of canine, if there is food about he falls in love immediately.On their side I think they thought he was beautiful which of course he undoubtedly is. So that looks as if it will be a happy union.
Only one kitten was homed today, it is very quiet though there have been the usual phone calls requesting us to take in unwanted pets.I have been busy trying to find a foster home for 2 young collies from a farm in Machynlleth, these are not the first I have admitted from there, in January we took a lovely young collie called Bengy from them.These two called Roy and Meg will be picked up on Monday , once again the reason given is that they are no good working with the sheep. I tried to talk to the owner about breeding, or rather to stop breeding collies but my attempts fell on deaf ears.I dont know if she could not understand my accent and did not understand what I was saying or she could understand me only TOO well and pretended not to!It is a difficult situation, I cannot press my case too vehemently as I want to get the dogs away and leave the door open to rescue others but I need to get over to them that we are not a dumping ground for their unwanted collies and that they need to take some responsibility.I never receive any kind of donation no matter how small from these people and I know if pressed they would rather get rid of the dogs another way.I cannot take that risk.
Pictured here are the latest litter of kittens, these are the 3 taken to our vet for destruction!! How could anyone do this.They are barely 5 weeks old and should still be with their mum, heaven knows where SHE is.Also pictured is Meg a lovely young dog homeless after her owners relationship broke up[.She is going to be a great all round family pet.When my marriage broke up I never once considered parting with my pets, I would have lived anywhere to prevent that happening.I know there are genuine cases where it is impossible for people to take a pet but I feel many could find a place if they really tried.Virtually everyone I know has had relationship break ups and all still have their pets with them years later. As the old saying goes "where theres a will theres a way" Trouble is there isnt the will with most people. Its easy come easy go.

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