Monday, 15 June 2009

2 serious illnesses diagnosed.

|We have been concerned about the Grey mother cat and her two babies(pictured on blog a few days ago)The babies looked very anaemic, anohow they have been to the vet and its bad news, Mum is FIV positive.That means her offspring are likely to be also.The little ones had been reserved so we have to ring that lady to tell her the bad news.Most likely and if there is room, I will take the family with me to Liverpool next week where they have fiv cats in a seperate enclosure. These are so pretty they stand a good chance of finding a home,FIV cats can live years and thankfully there are some kind people who will give these cats a life . What a great shame it is for this lovely cat and her kittens who in normal circumstances would have been snapped up for a home. Now it may take a lot longer to find the right person/people.
The German shepherd with the wobbly back legs has also been to the vet and it appears she she may have pryrometra which can be fatal if left untreated.She has a high temperature and has to go back tomorrow, it may be that she will have to have an emergency operation.Her legs may have stiffness caused by long periods of being tied up but it is the womb infection which is the most serious health issue.I wonder did the owner know this? It is an expensive operation and in fact I had a cavalier spaniel Lucy whose owner refused to pay for the same operation, preferring instead to have her put down.As luck would have it a member of my staff was in the vet surgery at the time and returned with her.After an operation the following day aged 9 years she came to live with me. I was never able to understand how her life meant so little to her previous owner.Lucy was the most beautiful natured dog and enjoyed several more years of life .Pyrometra is the best reason I could give for having a female dog spayed.
This German Shepherd has a wonderful nature though she is very jumpy and last night when a bowl of water was brought to her, it seemed to scare her so much, she literally climbed on to my knee and hid her head in my arms! It is only to be imagined why these animals are so fearful, if only they could speak! What tales they would tell. I can only hope that she will now be ok and that she has been diagnosed in time.
I gave the wrong web address in one of my other entries.Marks website is. Its really worth looking at.

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