Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Minnie and georgie girl on holiday

Rosie has sent me this photo of the girls at their holiday home, its hard to remember Georgie Girl being so small, she is bigger than her mum now.I remember when they arrived and she was just 2 weeks old and so tiny, hardly any work was done that day, everyone was so enthralled by her.Minnie is still very apprehensive around humans so the two of them were walked to their holiday home by Rosie and Vanessa.There was no way we would have forced Minnie into a horse box and we did not want to cause her stress and bring back her bad memories. Im sure they enjoyed the 6 mile walk though not so sure the girls enjoyed it quite as much! (I swear they look 10lbs lighter!)
The German Shepherd is now called Thandi(pronouinced Tandi) and has many admirers already, myself included.She seems a lot better but she will be spayed Thursday just in case there are any future problems.I am not prepared to take any chances over her health and it looks extremely unlikely an owner will turn up for her.This dog is simply amazing, what a sweet temperament she has in spite of what has happened to her(if only we knew)The only problem she has seems to be that she is not clean in her kennel but sometimes this can be nerves and its early days.
We had more cats tested for FIV.When I collected the grey mum cat, I also brought back another mum and babies and a lovely pale ginger male who has since been neutered. All of them have tested positive.The liverpool shelter has no room so I have asked them to put a special appeal on our website for these unfortunate but loveable cats and kittens. The babies cannot be tested until they are 6 months of age but it is likely they will too have the virus. All that is needed are special people who are prepared to keep them indoors and away from other cats, they are affectionate loving animals and can have a good quality of life for years to come.In the Uk many are put down whilst still healthy and enjoying life and this horrified an Australian vet I once spoke to. Over there this does not happen apparently.The cats are neutered and released as normal.As he pointed out to me, if the cats are neutered and not likely to fight other cats there is little or no chance of passing on the virus.
It is pouring with rain today and cold and windy like a winters day. We have brought some of the older ponies in to dry off and have a meal.If it stays like this we will rug them before putting them out again, they prefer to be outside most of the time. I hate seeing horses cooped up all day in stables, its not natural for them to be kept this way.How would we like it? people who have agaraphobia stay indoors because they have an illness, horses are kept in with no choice in the matter.The only time we do this is when a horse or pony is not well or the winter conditions are too bad but even then we put them out for most of the day , as long as they have shelter it is preferable and if they could speak I know what they would say."Let me out with my companions, let me be a horse and behave like a horse"
Halfway down the track leading to the road, there is a solitary tree which I call the bird tree.On this I hang most of my bird feeders , there is a selection of foods for the different birds and I have been buying nyger seeds for 2 years hoping to attract a goldfinch .I had been told this is their favourite snack. There are not loads of varieties of birds here, probably due to the lack of hedgerows and trees but today I was just driving past the feeders when I spotted a flash of yellow and stoppped the car.Success at last, there on the peanut feeder was a stunning little GOLDFINCH. This just made my day .I am a woman of simple pleasures!
It is definitely true that we can become like our mothers. When I was young my mother embarassed me so much when she "spoke" to dogs being walked by their owners - "Oh you ARE a handsome man" she would say to a magnificent German Shepherd much to the bemusement of his owner, or "What a beautiful young lady you are" to a pretty little mongrel. Then there was her obsessive feeding of the garden birds (they waited on the garden fence for her, same time every morning and afternoon) which drove me to distraction and what do I do now? EXACTLY THE SAME. Yes - I think Mum would be proud of me.

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