Sunday, 14 June 2009

Left without food and water for 5 days.

Rosie has just rung, Moss the red and white collie is now reserved, he will be going next weekend. We really are doing well with these homes, it is a great morale booster for us. Two kittens have gone also and one adult cat Abigail reserved so better than some weekends.
Last night we had a call about a dog which had been abandoned , the owner had not been seen for nearly a week and the dog had been seen in the windows of the house crying and clearly distressed.Barbara was just about to go out to the supermarket so she went to assess the situation.When she arrived she was told a community police officer and the owner of the house(not the person who abandoned the dog) had been earlier on that day and let the dog out the house but he was still there and very agitated so she rang me and we made a decision to remove him.I have since rung the police to inform them of this and Theo as he is called spent the night with Molly and the kitchen dogs. He is desperately underweight and is starving but he is so overjoyed to be with people he is overwhelming in his attention seeking, my arms are scratched to pieces.Poor thing, he is so happy to be in company and he is getting on so well with everyone. When I took them for their morning exercise he couldnt believe the freedom and galloped along with the others, his tail wagging in excitement but he constantly raced back to me to check I was still there.He is a very large albeit thin cross doberman, maybe crossed with a German Shephered, he has enormous ears (see picture) and is only around 9 months of age. I wish I knew what posesses people to do such a wicked thing and I wish too that I could mete out the same treatment to them.
I have just had a call from the police who have picked up a distressed German Shepherd on the side of a road! I have to find a foster home pretty quickly as I believe they are on their way.
Barbara has taken some brilliant photos today so tomorow Ill post some on the blog.We are a;lways looking for good photo opportunities with the animals, the best ones are earmarked for the calendars we produce, others for the notepads and of course the blog. I would love to do a photography course, as would Rhian , one day possibly!
PS: the Police have arrived with the GSD, her back legs do not look strong so there is something going on there, hip dysplasia? Judging by her teeth she appears to be about 5 years old but her demeanour is more that of an elderly dog.Her coat is poor and not indicative of her having been in a loving caring home, she seems also nervous and jumpy but very sweet natured, I have already had a few sloppy kisses from her.Poor girl absolutely reeks, she has definitely not been a housepet, the last dog which smelled that bad was Gel who had been chained for 2 years and was living in filth. Rosie is fostering her until we know whether she is fit enough to be put up for adoption. A trip to the vet tomorrow is definitely on the cards.

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kerry said...

Hi Leslie

Is your new boy a Kelpie cross? There seems to be a lot of people in this neck of the woods breeding them and a neighbour has one identical to the one that you are showing. Here is a link to a photo of one:

The neighbours dog is Kelpie cross GSD. The one good thing about these kelpie crosses/pure breds is that they all seem to have a fantastic nature.

Hope all is well with you.
Kerry (down the peninsular)