Thursday, 11 June 2009

Marigold and Melba enjoy their holiday

Marigold and Melba are happy in their holiday home, the grazing is wonderful though I fear we may have to split up the field as they are looking rather too well covered and do not want either to start with Laminitis.Marigold came up immediately but melba is as skittish as ever, after coming to see us they then gazed expectantly at the house.Their temporary carer gives them a carrot each every day and they obviously were more interested in what they may be about to receive than a reunion with us!
The little kitten with a damaged leg actually was unable to move either back leg and I feared the worst, however she has been on treatment at the vets and is now being fostered by Gails sister Tanya.This morning she announced that she was able to walk a few steps so without being TOO optimistic(she is so tiny and frail)we are hopeful that this improvement means she has a chance of recovering from what seems like nerve damage.
Also pictured is John our handyman painting one of the field shelters, there is so much to do to improve the appearance of the property in time for the Open Day in July.Rhian is doing well organising the dog show, we have received the kennel Club Licence and ordered the rosettes, schedules are printed, its all systems go.Poor Rhian has been very despondednt this week, one of her beloved German Shepherds has developed Pyrometra and has had to undergo a major operation.This same dog Kiri has had so many health problems, she has been on steroids for a long time due to being diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease, the name of which I fail to remember.We are all hoping Kiri will pull through this second setback.
Yesterday we rehomed Princess the beautiful but very matted cat admitted when her owner died.Princess had been missing her owner very much and was not eating well at all.We had her dematted at the vet and she had to have much of her luxurious coat removed unfortunately but she continued to be very depressed.The only time she perked up was when given individiual attention but I am confident now she has gone to a quiet home that she will soon resume her normal behaviour patterns and settle in. It really is so sad when animals are bereaved, they can become just as dispirited as we humans. The strays admitted here are a different matter entirely, generally they make themselves at home with enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment, after all to a stray used to scavenging for food this is a luxury hotel.
I have just looked out the office window to see little Meg the farm collie racing round the yard, wagging her tail and looking so happy.What a difference a day makes!
Another two kittens came in today but we need mum and the other two babies to come in too.They were left behind when they were being rounded up to bring to the shelter but these kittens need their mum, hopefully they will arrive soon and we can reunite the little family.
I read in the paper that there has been a massive number of butterflies of a certain species being spotted in North wales and for the life of me cannot remember what they are called.They look a little like Fritillaries, I need to find the paper with the article because today there are loads of them flitting about the property. I wish I could leave the ragwort in the fields for the cinnabar caterpillars but of course this is impossible with horses grazing here, it can be fatal to them over a period of time. It is a shame though as these little creatures are so prettily marked.Mei spotted our first ladybird today and I had to escort it to safety as it had alighted very near a group of cats waiting for their afternoon meal - much too close for comfort as inquisitive felines could have spelled the end!

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