Friday, 12 June 2009

We go to see Rusty and Ramona.

I collected a cat and a kitten from the vet today. The cat, an elderly tortoishell was found collapsed a few days ago by a holidaymaker in Porthmadog.One of her legs appears to be damaged through an old injury, it seems out of alignment.She is very thin and matted,poor little cat is very weak but has improved since being on a drip at the vets and is now able to stand.It remains to be seen if this improvement continues but we will give her a fighting chance.She will live with me in the house unless I have a better offer for her.The kitten, also a tortie is a pretty one about 8 weeks of age, children were walking the streets trying to give her away!
After collecting our feline friends Mei and I headed to Cwillog to visit Ramona and Rusty.These elderly horses are being fostered for Freshfields by an experienced lady called Mary Hartley Edwards.Well actually little Rusty is a pony and he has hardly any teeth which means he needs several small meals daily.He and his devoted companion Ramona a beautiful chestnut cob, belonged to a seriously ill woman in the Midlands.This lady had owned them since they were youngsters and was devastated when her health failed and she was no longer fit enough to care for them.Her one concern was that they did not end up in a horse sale, she wanted them to live out the remainder of their lives peacefully and with the same care as she herself had bestowed upon them. They are lovely animals, very happy to be around people and we are lucky to have Mary fostering them. This arrangement is open ended, for as long as she herself is healthy and fit they she will be happy to continue as their "foster mum". They are pictured here with Mary.
Our two biggest fields at the bottom of the lane have been fertilised today, this year I have paid someone to come in and do it, it was laborious doing it all by hand last time and we only managed to do one or two of the fields.One of the biggest jobs is getting rid of all the weeds, some of the fields are covered in Docks and Rushes but we are making inroads into it.Hopefully by July the fields will be in a much better state for the horses.We have bought some grass seed to sow in a couiple of the fields where the laminitic ponies graze. This is special seed for horses with this problem.I have not used it before so am keen to see what it is like.
I think I am ready for a break so may plan a trip to Liverpool for a few days.Sometimes this becomes a necessity, its easy to become too stressed and even introverted living this lifestyle in rural Wales. I fear I am in danger of becoming a female version of Victor Meldrew if I dont cut loose sometime soon - maybe next week which will coincide with our bi monthly trustee meeting in Liverpool.

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