Friday, 26 August 2011

William Meets the Pups Dolly and Daisy.

Friend Nicky was over to take a photo suitable for the cover of impending book. It MIGHT be out before Christmas if we are lucky, I am hoping so but struggling a bit for a title. Any ideas? I have narrowed it down to two posible ones but still think could do better. I cant believe how hard it is to find the right words. Anyhow This was one photo she took ,which did not quite turn out , largely due to the interference of William who just had to come and investigate the intruders in his field, he was so curious about the pups who were not altogether impressed with having his huge head so close to them. She did manage to get a good one later though so all as not lost.

The lovely collie Tyler with the cleft palate has been found home. I had a call from someone who said she  didnt want a pedigree dog, just a crossbreed would be fine  and she was not keen on collies. I told her that this one was really well behaved and sweet natured but there was not a spark of interest until I told her that he had a deformed face. That did it. Immediately she said she wanted him. A woman after my own heart! Today she and her husband came to see him and they fell in love with him straight away. When they were introduced , there were smiles from them  and a wagging tail from a very happy dog  who was just loving all the attention they were giving him.  A Happy ending for Tyler. It proves that not everyone wants a pretty chocolate box pet, that some look beyond the outer appearance. It restores my faith in human nature.

A stray terrier (See left)was taken into our Machynlleth shop and although Elinor, the manager was told he had been wandering about for several days, he has the look of someones pet so he may yet be claimed. He is  a sweetheart of a dog, very cuddly and gentle, not as old as he looks , I estimate his age to be around 4 years.  I wonder if he has been tied up becaus e as you can see from the photo there are remains of a lead attched to his collar. Maybe he is from a farm after all, time will tell.
Another collie has been admitted due to her owner moving to a pensioners bungalow where they are not allowed pets. The collie although a pet has lived in a shed and been left for long hours so I think we can do better for her. After not having any collies for a few weeks , all of a sudden we are receiving lots of calls asking us for help with them. Usually if we have a good response via the internet for one collie, we end up rehoming all those we have so I hope that will be the case again.

Our pink pig is not doing so well, she is so old now and arthritic and she can barely walk, I am dreading the day she goes, her companion will be very distressed and they keep each other warm throught he cold winter days.(which appear to be soon on the way!) I have to make a decsion very soon , this is the worst part of this job. I was so glad when the craze for Potbellied pigs faded but now there is a similar craze for micro pigs(which arent micro at all!) The Liverpool shelter has had its first unwanted Micro pig admitted and I was fortunate to meet little Hooper last time I visited. Unlike our  anti social pair Hooper likes his tum tickled and rolls over for you to scratch his tum. He is still a youngster but he is hardly tiny as people expect them to be.Its such a con and apart from that , pigs are pigs and as such like to do piggy things like rolling in mud and enjoying rooting around in the soil.

Sean the sheep will not be joining our own rescued sheep, he has apparently been found another home.I hope its a good one!


Debs said...

Can't wait to read your book, Lesley :) How about "It shouldn't happen to an animal rescuer" as a title? In keeping with the James Herriot books, you see :) Not sure if that is a potential breach of copyright though, so maybe not! I take it you found a publisher in the end? If not, try and self-publish - it's easy to use and involves no cost to you, people can buy the book from the website and you set your own prices. Worth a try? Good luck :)

Penny Brown said...

"Tails from a Life of Animal Rescue"? (groan!)

June Davies said...

It was nice bumping into you again at the Rescue when you were in Liverpool recently. Although the pic with William, Dolly and Daisy didn't turn out as hoped, there is something spontaneous and appealing about that photo that says a lot about what your book is about!
Wonderful news about Tyler, and about Rory. He's a lovely dog who finds the world a fearful and stressful place. I'm glad he's going to be with you.
My thoughts about Pink Piggy-wig, and especially her companion Black Piggy, are with you, Lesley. I understand how it is, believe me. That it's the last kindness you can give, is true but no comfort at all.
Some good news to close, you may recall my mentioning Penny, a 10yr old little dog with a limpy front paw smaller than her others. She'd been here (at Liverpool)since January and is a beautiful old girl. She's found a good home at last, and to quote Gemma, was "whisked away in a sports car!" We should be so lucky, eh?