Monday, 29 August 2011

A New Home for Wally.

It has been decided to bring Freddie and Callie (horses)back to the shelter earlier than usual  this year. The problem with Freddies teeth means he has to have several small meals daily as he cannot graze the grass any longer.Cariad is backwards and forwards all day feeding him and it is taking up too much time. It will be easier to  sort out his dietary requirements here. They are due to return on wednesday and the three colts  Merlin, Celt and Shamrock which are at another property are going to take over Freddies summer holiday home.They have eaten up most of the  grass  where they are and so  they need to be moved on to lusher pasture.

Little Old Wally met his new family today (see photo above)and he seemed brighter than he had been since he was admitted. He appeared to like mum and daughters more than he liked me so I felt glad for him when they decided they wanted to take him home. I hope he didn't find the temporary stay here too unsettling, at 13 years of age it was a big ordeal for him to leave the family he had known since he was a puppy. It is so heartening when a family are willing to take on an elderly dog and the girls seemed as happy with Wally as with a pup.That IS unusual,but lovely to see.

Trish from our Porthmadog shop rang this morning, an injured kitten had been taken in to the shop, she thought maybe he had been hit by a car. I rang the vet to make an emergency appointment and Trish shut the shop to take him to the surgery. Sadly  the news came back later that the poor  cat  had been put to sleep. That was not a not a good start to her day. I wonder if an owner will turn up looking for him?

News of the day is that I drove our tractor this morning - TWICE! The first time I drove down the track to the road and could see John coming towards me in his car.He took one look at me in the driving seat and reversed so fast he could have been driving a get away car at a Bank Robbery!  Cheeky Sod.
Anyhow I managed very well and even took it for a second trip (Its very handy for taking the binbags down to the bins which are situated on the road.) It is a pretty ancient machine but very useful for taking bales of hay to the horses and it is also used for when the staff are mucking out stables. We bought a tip up box for the back of the tractor  and they load the muck on to this and when it is full drive up the fields to the midden(muck heap to the uninitiated!) and dump it out of sight of visitors (whose sensibilities may be affected by the appearance and smell!).

The afternoon was quiet and we only had one volunteer today - Nurse Heather on one of her precious days off from working at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Most of our volunteers come here to work during the week, they must have fantastic weekend social lives or maybe they just have family things to do ? I always thought there would be more people volunteering saturday or sunday but in fact we are always short of help those days. Mind you I have had an online vol. application form from someone who actually WANTS to work weekends so I have telephoned in the hope he/she will come next weekend to help. The only thing that makes Saturday and Sunday different from any other day here is that there are fewer people around the shelter. Otherwise I would have no idea what day it really  is ! I Need to Get A Life!!! Oops I forgot - This IS my life.

Mei is in terrible pain with her wrist, she is fed up waiting for the operation and I dont blame her,it is now nearly two and a half years since she first sought medical help.Volunteer Kim is also waiting for the same op. I cannot imagine how it must feel having so much pain every single day. This morning Mei was unable to even get the lead on her chihuahua Benjy(who is missing his pal very much) and she will need help giving the horses their hay tonight.

Time for my own dog walking now so  here endeth the Bank Holiday Weekend report in favour of romps round the fields with Meg, Jackson, Paddy , Patch and Little Old Lady(never did find a name to suit her)

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