Monday, 8 August 2011

Bottoms Up Meg!

There was a strange call about the pup in the skip. A woman rang me saying she wanted him back! I asked who she was and she replied that she saw the police officer taking him out of the skip and now her husband said ok! Ok to what I asked her. She then kept repeating she wanted him back and her train back to Birmingham was in an hours time and she didnt have much time to come and get him! Was this the owner or just someone concerned? My gut feeling is that she had bought the pup here whilst on holiday and her husband was not pleased. Someone placed this little chap in the skip and this phone conversation did not somehow ring true. Anyhow as it happens he has already been reserved and pending a homecheck will soon be off to his new home. When I told the caller this , she started crying which was very hard to deal with but at the end of the day I have to do whats right for the pup in our care and he came in as an abandoned animal, not as an owned pet.
He is such a sweet pup, he plays on his own with anything he can find.Last night he found the remains of a ball which dear Patch had chewed up and he had a wonderful time throwing it in the air and catching it.This went on for at least half an hour after which time he jumped on to my knee and went fast asleep Seen here playing with Jackson and my dogs Paddy,and Meg. Bottoms Up Meg!.
The scared little dog Monty has been reserved and will be going this weekend, I thought he would be here for some time so he is a lucky boy.

A few kittens have been adopted, someone came to see Lola the black cat who has been here for two years but they left empty handed, she was too timid for them unfortunately.That was very disappointing but I know the right person out there somewhere for her as there is for all the animals.

Handyman John is putting up some shelves in the storage containers, I hope it is successful though the worrying thing is that he rang me to say he had left some nails outside the container! I think they should been inside the container helping to keep the shelves in place! Oh well as my old Nan used to say God loves a trier! My washing machine broke down last week and I asked him(John not god ) to have a look at it. He looked , then fixed but when I put it on that evening there was no water going in.Yes he had forgotten to reattach the pump! Oops hes done it again.

There has been more in the saga of William the horse, his original owner came to see him(not the one who handed him to us) and she was very upset that he had been passed on to us without the correct information about his health. It would be nice if he could go back to her,perhaps that is not within the realms of possibility at the present time but it may be in the future. This is the problem when horses are sold, nobody can be guaranteed of the safety of the animal in the future.The horsey world is by and large very cavalier about  parting with  horses when they can no longer work. Personally I could not sleep at night if I sold a horse on knowing especially that he was not 100 percent fit.Mind you I could not and would not do it anyway. I think someone should design a car sticker saying 'horses are  not just to ride, they are for life!'

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sue said...

Hi Lesley you have been very busy since we last saw you in June, When we adopted our Sweep. He is doing well in very good health he loves is runs in the park still tries to round up all the other dogs luckily the owners find this quite entertaining. He,s a real joy very spoilt, did not like his new dog bed prefers the leather setee Hoping to bring him to visit you soon. Thanks again Sue an Roy Manchester