Sunday, 28 August 2011

A good day for Dogs.

Sunday was a  great day for dogs,pups Dolly and Daisy were adopted together and little  Alfie too has found a home.Patches people arent coming to see him until Tuesday but that is looking hopeful.He is so gorgeous I can't imagine anyone saying they don't want him.
Sadly nobody came for cats although one person did ring to collect a reserved kitten but was so obstreperous I was quite glad he failed to turn up.Some people expect us to fit in with their routine, rather than the other way round and do not seem to care whether we work 12 hour days as long as it means that they can come here when it suits. I always say to the staff, remember that no shop, office or rspca centre would open especially for someone who could perfectly well call beteen opening hours. Every day here is a working day and sometimes it is more difficult attending to visitors eg: if we have staff off sick or on holiday  but we try our best .That does not mean we allow ourselves to be bullied into seeing people out of hours when we are impossibly busy or are in the middle of a crisis. We are open 7 days a week with 2 hours in the morning set aside for visitors/prospective adopters and we allow people to make afternoon appointments IF there are enough staff on duty and it is not often we have to refuse.  To my mind that is a pretty good service we offer  but I'm afraid you can't please everybody all of the time. There will always those who want to visit at unreasonable times - I often have people turning up here after 6 pm.Where is open at this time? Why come here at that time? Well thats my rant for the month over!

 I finally did the cat poster so it should be available for download from our website within the next few days so I am hoping all readers in this area will download it and place in shops,offices etc. Anywhere you can think of where people may read it and take note .There  has to be a way to find homes for all these cats,Please help in this way of you can. I would really appreciate it.

Photo is of our lovely foxhound Bonny who is constantly disappearing into the undergrowth, usually with a stolen sachet of cat food! She is a real character and it seems impossible that she was once a  very thin working hound, she is so scared of men and most strangers.That life must have been a miserable one for a dog like her.Even now, 3 years on, she still acts as though she will never see food again.Dear old Bonny.She is so gentle natured and a great favourite with me.
I cant believe it but someone is coming tomorrow to see Wally the old Yorkshire terrier, he is a funny old dog, very nervous and wary of strangers so I just hope that he will 'sell' himself tomorrow. I feel he would be better off in a home where he will have more attention. It would be so nice for him to go now instead of getting used to being here with me and them being moved, he is too old to be passed about which means I would probably end up keeping him.(I dont really want to keep another at this moment)

Must go, I need to let the conservatory cats out for the night, Its the other way round in cities.I always got the cats IN and I continue to advise people to endure their pets are in by dusk.So many are run over at that time.The shelter cats are lucky , they are  so much safer living here with no traffic and lots of fields for them to wander in.

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