Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I discuss the Days work with Lucy!

When I first set up this shelter it was so quiet here, hardly any visitors and hardly any cars in the parking area.Today it has seemed more like Euston Station in London!
We have set up a small animal  admittance  room in the near end of our canteen area and this has improved matters for the staff who have to run the gauntlet of office dog Lucy every time they want to come in for paperwork.I adore Lucy but she is so   unpredictable with some people she meets, others she likes on sight and once she has approved of someone she loves them forever. At the age of 11 years it is a fact that she will be with us for life but she seems to be always happy and loves sitting behind me when I am on the computer, she is like my personal living back rest!Self portrait of Lucy and I having a serious chat!

It looks as though the pale ginger cat from yesterdays blog, has been claimed.He has been missing from his home apparently  for 6 weeks and the owner is coming to see if he is hers.I have told her that if he had been neutered this would most likely not have happened and he needs to be done as soon as possible.The roaming is a problem but I am more concerned about the number of unwanted kittens he has been undoubtedly siring!

Toby Jack Russell has gone today and Tiny Tim once again reserved, he is going Monday. There are two more Jack russell pups needing homes now - Dolly and Daisy pictured here are  4 months old and very cute, should be easy enough to find suitable places for them.people seem to want little dogs more and more. I have never known so many of these particular terriers being in need of homes, there seem to be a never ending supply of them at the moment.
Two more Pound dogs are in foster places, both collies though one is a true Welsh collie, the smoothcoated red and white type and poor Joe is blind in one eye which willl not make him easy to home  unless we and he are very lucky. The other one now named Marley is only young and he is so underweight and matted but underneath he is going to be a very attractive collie and finally we have a collie with a deformed mouth, this friendly dog has not yet been claimed and he is such a nice animal.Someone must know him from his unusual appearance.Will he also be hard to home? I hope not for both their sakes.

Veronica is in tomorrow and will be pleased to know that our new filing cabinet has arrived.The old one has caused many a sigh of despair from everyone who has attempted to open it! It is so temperamental and usually two good kicks and a slam  do the trick but now it has decided to drive us all mad by refusing to open at all.  There will be joy and happiness tomorrow when it is finally thrown in the skip and a shiny new compliant cabinet takes it place!

John has been busy putting up shelves in our storage containers and at last everything is stored neatly and tidily, volunteer Jason too has been busy making a fence around the rabbits area so they will not be bothered by my dogs when they have to pass them to have their daily exercise. Both have done very good jobs and I have to say I am quite impressed by the standard of their work this time!

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